Reusability 2.0: The Key to Publishing Learning

What would you do if you had to develop and deliver personalized training to 900,000 employees, located in 34,000 different locations globally with a complex set of variables that changes training on a location-by-location basis? The key is reusability 2.0. While technology-delivered training has become main stream in many organizations, most are still not fully leveraging the power of reusable learning content to meet their instructional needs. One of the main reasons is that most learning technologies are designed to create content for a specific learning purpose (i.e. e-learning). But, how can content be reused to support many learning purposes and embrace several modes of delivery; and most importantly support the right learning, at the right time – on demand? This research report examines, case studies of three organizations that employ reusability 2.0 techniques to meet sophisticated learning and business requirements, while delivering on-demand content for use in customized instructor-led training (ILT) support material, student manuals, lesson plans, textbooks, job aides, performance support, certification exams, and online learning etc. – all through a single production pass to assemble and organize reusable learning content.


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