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Managing Multiple Learning Managment Systems the high cost of choice
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Managing Multiple Learning Management Systems - The High Cost of Choice
Did you know that today there are approximately 500 Learning Management Systems in the market? Did you also know that no one vendor, or small group of vendors, have significant market share? In fact, its a scattered and fragmented market, one that is wreaking havoc on Learning & Development. A…
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Time to Competency
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Time to Competency: Why It Matters
Competence: The ability of an individual to perform a specific role or do a job properly. Competence. Understanding it is not complicated, but providing your employees the right set of tools to achieve it is. According to Bersin, from the perspective of the Learning & Development (L&D) function itself, 98%…
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Want To Know What Personalized Learning Looks Like
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Want To Know What Personalized Learning Looks Like? It's Right in Front of You!
If you ask a learner how they want to learn, taking a high-gloss eLearning course is rarely mentioned. Instead, what we all consistently hear is that people want personalized learning - a term easy to throw out there but not so easy to define. Richard Calutta, from the US Department…
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aking a Google Analytics Approach to Measuring Learning
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Taking a Google Analytics Approach to Measuring Learning
Did you know that, according to Bersin, less than half of the L&D organizations they survey feel they are perceived by their stakeholder leadership as a strategic business partner? One of the ways to combat this is through measuring learning and development metrics and analytics. That's a pretty disheartening thing…
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