Xyleme Studio™ Authoring System



A Better Way to Author & Publish Content

Xyleme Studio Authoring System is a powerful, collaborative authoring platform that simplifies reuse, maintenance & personalization at scale by structuring and storing content in flexible XML, so it can easily be linked and reused in any number of outputs, formats & iterations without duplicating efforts.

The Traditional Approach to Content Authoring

The traditional approach to authoring & publishing is typically inflexible, repetitive, time consuming & costly.

Only Xyleme Studio truly separates content from presentation, streamlining the authoring process while eliminating the need to recreate content & reformat outputs.

Xyleme Studio Authoring System


Xyleme Studio Authoring System is a single-source authoring tool that allows authors to create content in a flexible XML format & easily publish to a variety of outputs. Appropriate branding, page layout, and styling are automatically added based on the specific output type, simplifying reuse & speeding up the development process.


Easily create content once & reuse for simplified maintenance

automatically apply correct formatting & styles with built-in templates

Easily publish content to dynamic print & digital outputs (SCORM, HTML5, etc.)


Content Authoring & Publishing
Features & Benefits


Flexible content creation

Create content once & store content in flexible XML to publish & reuse in multiple formats (Word, PowerPoint, SCORM, PDF, HTML5, etc.). Easily create & assemble eLearning, instructor-led training, assessments & micro-learning assets while simplifying updates & minimizing the maintenance burden.

Centralize content management

Easily create & edit native content & integrate content created in outside applications, such as Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline, in a centralized library to create a single source of truth. Organize, tag & version content in one place to ensure accuracy, consistency ease of maintenance.

Consistent branding & Formats

Save time on formatting with built-in responsive web templates, applying correct branding & styling automatically regardless of output. Separating content from presentation by implementing consistent output templates eliminates the need to reformat each output, saving time & ensuring consistency across the organization.

Built-in interactivities

Create compelling content to increase engagement & reinforce concepts with a built-in interactive library with a wide range of built-in interactivities, including image maps, bin drops, flash cards, tabs, drag-and-drop, matching, etc.

create effective assessments

Built-in question types & assessment behavior options, including timed assessments, test-out, adaptive learning & proctored exams make it easy to create everything from knowledge checks to high-stakes testing.

Powerful searching & tagging

Quickly find the right content with powerful searching & tagging capabilities, even in the largest content collections. Define unique taxonomy & tag at any level — content can be tagged with educational objectives, retention level, archive date, expiry date & more, making it easy to find & reuse the right content at the right time.


Integrate outside tools

Easily import content from other popular tools (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, etc.) to use the right tool for the job while centralizing content management & establishing a single source of truth.

Dynamic digital & print outputs

Built-in publishing themes for web, mobile & print (including PowerPoint & Word) make it easy to publish content to any format or output (Word, PowerPoint, SCORM, PDF, HTML5, etc.), without having to manually recreate content or adjust formatting. Publish to the cloud for immediate delivery to any SCORM-compliant LMS or web portal.

Facilitate remote collaboration

Simplify collaboration & feedback collection among remote teams with a centralized, cloud-based authoring environment & content repository, ensuring users are always accessing the most current version of each piece of content. Authors & subject matter experts (SMEs) can check out content for review & actively collaborate & provide feedback in real time, reducing development time.

Personalize content at scale

Separating core content from cultural context makes it easy to personalize content at scale to meet the needs & expectations of multiple diverse audiences & user groups. Build flexible content to simplify personalization & localization at scale & facilitate customization based on role, region, language, etc.

streamline translation

Separate content from presentation & store it in flexible XML to make it easy to export & import only what needs to be translated. Export content & media — from full courses to individual topics — directly into XLIFF to reduce translation costs & management time. Side-by-side translation management feature allows native speakers to compare translations to the base version for review & refinement.

Enterprise-level security

Easily control access to content by role, region, language, etc., ensuring content can only be accessed by the intended audience. Customize content & user permissions with authenticated access, IP whitelisted access, single-sign-on (SSO) & public access.

Trusted at Companies Worldwide

Major healthcare providers, leading telecommunication and IT companies, national financial institutions and large aerospace and manufacturing groups use Xyleme to create, publish, manage and measure content for a wide range of audiences, languages, roles and products. 

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