Xyleme Learning Record Store™

Measure & Analyze

A Better Way to Measure & Analyze Content

Xyleme’s xAPI-compliant Learning Record Store (LRS) collects comprehensive data — down to the question level — on both content engagement & learner performance. These detailed metrics allow organizations to objectively assess & understand the true business impact of their content.

The Traditional Approach to Content Analytics


The traditional approach to content measurement & analytics is typically limited in scope & lacking in detail.

Only Xyleme’s built-in Learning Record Store captures comprehensive learner engagement & content performance data & provides robust dashboards that go far beyond standard pass & fail metrics.

Xyleme Learning Record Store


Xyleme’s Learning Record Store provides robust analytics and dynamic dashboards to help organizations understand — and improve — the effectiveness of their learning content. 


gain comprehensive  content & user performance data

ANAlyze content & user trends with dynamic dashboards

Export data & integrate with external business tools & applications

Content Measurement & Analytics
Features & Benefits

Comprehesive data collection

Objectively measure & assess content & user performance with comprehensive data & reporting, down to the question level. Built-in xAPI-compliant Learning Record Store (LRS) tracks exactly how users interact with content, far beyond basic course completion.

Built-in Analytics Dashboards

Identify trends & areas that need attention or improvement with robust built-in analytics dashboards that make it easy to understand the impact & outcomes of learning programs. Collect & track data from multiple LMSs, learning portals, etc., in a centralized dashboard to provide a comprehensive view of content performance & engagement data.


regulatory compliance support

Gain an accurate picture of content access & activity, version history and assessment results in order to quickly demonstrate compliance with audits & other regulatory requirements.


Place content within applications & platforms already in use by the organization with built-in xAPI integration to get the most out of your technology investments.

Enterprise-Level Security

Easily control access to content by role, region, language, etc., ensuring content can only be accessed by the intended audience. Customize content & user permissions with authenticated access, IP whitelisted access, single-sign-on (SSO) & public access.

Export Actionable Data

Leverage comprehensive content & learner performance metrics that go far beyond course completion for use in external business tools to measure the impact of content programs & continue to improve and refine over the long term.

Trusted at Companies Worldwide

Major healthcare providers, leading telecommunication and IT companies, national financial institutions and large aerospace and manufacturing groups use Xyleme to create, publish, manage and measure content for a wide range of audiences, languages, roles and products. 

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