Xyleme Content Delivery Service™

A Better Way to Manage & Deliver Content



Xyleme Content Delivery Service (CDS) is a cloud-based, SCORM-compliant, centralized content management platform that provides a single source of truth & allows organizations to deliver content exactly where it needs to be — with or without an LMS — while providing powerful search capabilities, full version control & robust security.

The Traditional Approach to Content Management


The traditional approach to content management & delivery is typically time consuming, decentralized & difficult
to maintain.

Only Xyleme Content Delivery Service truly eliminates the content maintenance burdern by centralizing published content into a single source of truth.

Xyleme Content Delivery Service


Xyleme Content Delivery Service centralizes all published content into a unified, cloud-based warehouse, so updates can be made once & automatically pushed to all derivatives without duplicating files, ensuring users always have access to the latest version & making it easy to deliver the right content regardless of where it is accessed (LMSs, LXPs, web portals, mobile apps, emails, etc.).


easily deliver published content in any format to any platform

quickly find the right content with powerful searching & indexing

automatically push updates to all locations without duplicating efforts


Content Management & Delivery
Features & Benefits

Centralize content management

Centralize published content in a cloud-based warehouse to establish a single source of truth. Organize, tag & version content in one place to ensure accuracy, consistency & ease of maintenance. Content updates are made once & automatically pushed to all derivatives without duplicating efforts. No more searching multiple LMSs, file shares or individual laptops for the latest content versions.


deliver with or without an lms

Deliver learning content (SCORM, Instructor-Led materials, PowerPoint, video, etc.) at the point of need, with or without an LMS. With the ability to track content completions & detailed analytics down to the question-level, content can be delivered & tracked from a centralized location, no matter where it is consumed (LMS, Learning Portal, LXP, etc.).


cloud-based scorm delivery

Cloud-based SCORM delivery centralizes content management & facilitates delivery to any number of SCORM-compliant LMSs. Delivery from the cloud eliminates costly redeployments, ensures accurate & compliant content & automates the upload process.

Custom-Branded Learning Portals

Create customized, out-of-the-box portals where users can search & find content. Content & portals can be fully permissioned via both users & groups. Channels provide pre-defined customer search filters visible to users, giving them the ability to mark content as “Favorite” & get notified when it is updated.

integrate with existing tools

Integrate with other applications & platforms (LMS, LXP, web portals, etc.) to deliver content anywhere it needs to be. All content is automatically indexed by topic(s) & keyword(s) when added to CDS, regardless of format or where it was created (PDF, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Word, PPT, etc.).


deliver content anywhere

Deliver content in the path of the learner — whether it’s a web course, reference article, or just-in-time performance support — providing the right content, in the right place & at the right time in order to ultimately improve the user experience.​

Powerful searching & tagging

Quickly find the right content with powerful searching & tagging capabilities, even in the largest content collections. Users can refine searches using tags, meta-data & filters to target the content most important to them, without sifting through pages of irrelevant information.

Filter Content by Role, Region, etc.

Segment content by role, region, language, product, or any number of other filters to ensure the right content is delivered to the right user at the right time.


VErsion & Compliance support

Identify exactly which version of each piece of content was accessed, when, & by whom, with comprehensive version history reporting to support audit compliance. Whether tracking employee & customer activity or facilitating legal discovery & audit requests, having complete & accurate historical content & learner records allows organizations to manage large volumes of content with confidence.

Enterprise-level security

Easily control access to content by role, region, language, etc., ensuring content can only be accessed by the intended audience. Customize content & user permissions with authenticated access, IP whitelisted access, single-sign-on (SSO) & public access.

Trusted at Companies Worldwide

Major healthcare providers, leading telecommunication and IT companies, national financial institutions and large aerospace and manufacturing groups use Xyleme to create, publish, manage and measure content for a wide range of audiences, languages, roles and products. 

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