Content Solutions for Product Education

Regardless of whether your organization is training customers, employees, vendors, or any other audience, delivering high-quality content is critical to the success of any product education strategy. 

Effective Product & Customer Education is vital to the successful onboarding, adoption & long-term retention of employees & customers alike

How Xyleme Supports Product & Customer Education

Eliminate Silos & Rework to Optimize Onboarding, Training & Support Content

Share & reuse content across teams to eliminate rework & reduce time to market. Link content components — don’t copy & paste — to reuse product education content across publications, channels & experiences.

Quickly Deploy Product Releases & Content Updates as Changes Occur

Update product education content once at the component level & easily push to all publications — both print & web — to easily keep up with product releases & content changes.

Ensure Accuracy & Consistency Across the Customer Journey

Reuse content across teams to provide a more consistent customer experience. Ensure brand consistency & accuracy across all product education content experiences with built-in publishing templates. 

Provide the Right Content, in the Right Place & at the Right Time

Personalize & localize content by product, language, region, experience level, role, or any number of filters in order to drive a more relevant & personalized experience for each unique audience you serve.

End-to-End Product Education Content Management

Simplify Content Reuse & Personalization

Create product & customer education content once in reusable blocks & link — don't copy & paste — to facilitate reuse & reduce the ongoing maintenance burden.

Facilitate Collaboration
Across Teams

Simplify collaboration between product & customer education content creators & SMEs with shared spaces, versioning control & online review sessions.

Publish Dynamic Web & Print Outputs to Any Channel

Use built-in, customized themes to publish product & customer education content to print or web with responsive design optimized for any device, format, or language.

Support Certification &

Track comprehensive assessment results for certification management & view detailed reporting on product & customer education content development, version histories & consumption to support regulatory compliance.

Track Robust Analytics with xAPI Integrations

Harness robust content & user data with built-in analytics dashboards. Place content within applications already in use by the organization & integrate content from other tools to get the most out of your technology investments.

Simplify Translation Management & Reduce Costs

Export product & customer education content & media — from full publications & courses to individual content components — directly into XLIFF to dramatically reduce translation costs & management time.

Xyleme’s industry-leading content management solutions make it easy for Product & Customer Education teams to author, publish, manage, deliver, reuse & personalize even the most complex global content libraries

Got Content Problems?

At Xyleme, we specialize in partnering with our customers to solve the complex content problems other solutions don't have the depth or breadth to tackle.

If your content management challenges feel overwhelming, we can help.

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