Product Documentation

Xyleme makes it easy for product management teams to efficiently meet the product content needs of diverse stakeholders & business use cases, all from a unified, cloud-based platform.

Xyleme is the unified, centralized & standardized platform for Product Documentation

Slash content development & delivery time to speed up time to market

streamline & simplify content development, approval & version control processes to radically reduce the cycle time for new content development, delivery & syndication, & enhance sales performance by enabling faster, more effective product and campaign launches.

Deliver the right content, in the right place, at the right time, on any channel

Easily deliver product documentation content across a wide range of platforms, languages and experience types, including product updates for internal & external stakeholders, sales & marketing materials, product guides & technical documentation. 

Ensure omni-channel content consistency & integrity across channels & experiences

Keep content in sync across a wide range of business use cases, from release notes & customer-facing updates to price sheets, brochures & sales presentations, as well as both internal and external training, knowledge management & support resources.

Enable seamless collaboration across teams to keep content in sync across the enterprise

Support seamless collaboration across content contributors & teams to create canonical product content that can be reused & customized for unique use cases, stakeholders, experiences, engagement channesl & geographies. 

End-to-End Product Documentation Content Management

Centralize content management with reusable components

Establish a single source of truth with a centralized, cloud-based content management repository. Easily integrate content created in outside applications without duplication, ensuring accuracy, consistency, & ease of maintenance.

Publish dynamic web & print outputs to any channel

Use built-in, customized themes to publish content to print or web with responsive design optimized for any device, format, or language.

Create custom-branded content & learning portals

Tailor content with custom branding and out-of-the-box portals that can be fully permissioned via both users & groups. Easily repackage content across brands, channels, languages & experiences for diverse audiences.

Facilitate collaboration
across teams

Simplify collaboration across dispersed, remote & co-located content creators & SMEs with shared spaces, versioning control & online review sessions.

Capture robust analytics & performance dashboards

Capture question-level analytics that go far beyond course completions to collect & track data from multiple LMSs, learning portals, etc., in order to gain an accurate picture of content access & activity.

Customize permissions with enterprise-level security

Easily control access to content by role, region, language, etc., ensuring content can only be accessed by the intended audience. Keep content safe by supporting authenticated access, IP whitelisted access, single-sign-on (SSO) & public access.

Because Xyleme makes Product Documentation content easier to create, deliver & track, organizations can more efficiently meet the unique content needs of diverse stakeholders & business use cases. 


Ford’s Finance Team creates learning content in Xyleme and pushes that content out to a range of output types, from eLearning and web courses to print formats or directly to XML for translation.

With Xyleme, Ford is able to localize content at scale while maintaining a single source of truth, and tailor content for a wide range of diverse stakeholders, brands, use cases & geographies — keeping content in sync while also dramatically improving the user experience.

Ready to turn your content into a competitive advantage?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization & syndication at scale. 

Xyleme has been recognized by Deloitte, Brandon Hall Group, Bersin™ & Training Magazine
for excellence in products, learning design & innovation.

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