Upcoming Xyleme LCMS Release Supports Standard for Interoperability, Reusability and Customization of Digital Learning Content

Boulder, CO; September 19, 2008 Xyleme Inc., the leading provider of 100% XML, SCORM 2004 certified learning content management solutions today announced that it has subscribed to the IMS Global Learning Consortium in support of the Common Cartridge standard for digital learning content. As part of this initiative, the next release of Xyleme LCMS will comply with IMS specifications to support strict interoperability between content and learning systems and provide greater flexibility in the types of digital content supported. In addition to Common Cartridge, Xyleme will continue its full support of the Advanced Distributed Learning SCORM standards.

Common Cartridge is a set of open standards to represent digital course materials. It was developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium which is made up of leading publishers and learning solution vendors and has over 80 voting members. The benefits of the Common Cartridge include:

“The requirement for compliance with industry standards such as Common Cartridge is something that we are seeing from a number of our clients and across certain industry groups, including higher education,” commented Jeff Katzman, Xyleme’s Vice President of Learning and CLO. “Xyleme LCMS is built on a 100% open XML platform and we are fully committed to supporting standards that extend openness, interoperability and reusability of learning content across the industry.”

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Xyleme, Inc. is the leader in standards-based learning content management solutions that enable single-source publishing of training content. Xyleme is 100% XML-based to create massive efficiencies through modularity and reuse. With Xyleme, organizations improve collaboration in content development, reduce time-to-market for customized training and minimize the cost of supporting blended learning. Visit www.xyleme.com.

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