Boulder, CO; Nov 3, 2011 – Xyleme Inc., the leading provider of 100% XML, open and standards-based learning content management solutions, today announced the release of the Pastiche Store. Part of the Pastiche end-to-end solution for delivering training content to tablets, the new Pastiche Store provides organizations a content distribution platform that provides seamless, yet fully-controlled access to training materials on these devices. The Pastiche Store will be available for demonstration at DevLearn from November 2-4 in Las Vegas at booth 213 and DemoFest.

Pastiche by Xyleme is a turnkey solution that allows you to rapidly assemble existing textbooks, interactive multi-media, test prep and moment-of-need support materials and publish them on-demand to any number of customizable and privately branded iPad or tablet apps. The addition of the Pastiche Store to this cutting-edge solution provides organizations critical access control previously unavailable for content distribution to tablets.

Through Pastiche Store license keys, access to training materials on the iPad and other tablets can now be controlled on a user or group basis. For employee and customer training, this allows organizations to provide their learners greater choice and flexibility for accessing materials. For those organizations that sell their intellectual property, the Pastiche Store not only offers a new delivery channel for their paid products, but enables new and innovative ways, such as subscriptions, to create additional revenue streams and upsell to their existing customer base.

“Since its introduction in June, Pastiche has provided a competitive advantage to numerous clients by allowing them to rapidly deploy their content to the iPad,” commented Dawn Poulos, Vice President of Marketing at Xyleme. “The addition of the Pastiche Store takes this even further by allowing these organizations to monetize their content in ways they’ve never done before.”

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