Boulder, CO; January 29, 2013 — Bravais 2.1 from Xyleme, launched this week at the Learning Technologies tradeshow in London, includes the new Bravais Cloud Player. This breakthrough module allows for a single instance of each SCORM course to be stored and delivered from the cloud to multiple LMS’s (Learning Management Systems). This module solves a widespread problem that typically arises from separate and manual uploads of SCORM courses to one or more LMS.

With the Bravais Cloud Player, SCORM courses are now stored in the cloud in a central repository where user and/or group access permissions can be set per individual course. Learners can access any course from any learning management system, and scores will be reported back to the LMS. Furthermore, in another industry first, Bravais persists user-tracking data for all courses it delivers.

The Bravais Cloud Player puts you back in control of your training content with:

“This latest Bravais update allows organizations to provide courses from a single content distribution network to multiple delivery systems, including Learning Management Systems, Performance Support Applications and Mobile Apps,” explained Xyleme President & CEO, Mark Hellinger. “If you provide content to customers or partners, students or teachers, Bravais 2.0 provides unparalleled flexibility in course distribution, access control and user tracking.”

With speed and security always in mind, additional features in this release of Bravais include:

For more information, visit the Bravais page on our website!

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