Boulder, CO; May 16, 2013 — Xyleme’s latest update to its XML-based Learning Content Management System includes a new set of publishing services for template-driven outputs to Word and PowerPoint. With this new SaaS offering, Xyleme enables clients to self-configure styling and layout options without any specialized skills.

“As recently reported by ASTD, over 60% of all learning is delivered in a classroom (including virtual delivery),” commented Mark Hellinger, President and CEO of Xyleme. “With this new service, we are driving down the cost of delivering customized content for corporations, academic institutions and professional training organizations.”

While XML is the standard model for multi-channel delivery, the ability to reuse and repurpose content directly to Word and PowerPoint has always been a difficult challenge. Xyleme’s new Microsoft Integration Service enables fully automated publishing from Xyleme LCMS, with Word and PowerPoint templates created by non-technical users. Xyleme customers already using this new service include sales training and software developers, allowing them to customize outputs for individual clients with minimal effort.

ILT is just one part of a blended learning strategy, which is why content in Xyleme LCMS is created and stored as granular and reusable XML. The ability to produce highly styled classroom materials from a single source of content that can also be effortlessly output as fully digital content (web, mobile and ePUB3) offers unlimited flexibility for blended learning programs

To set up a time to demo the new features of Xyleme LCMS or if you have questions, please visit the Xyleme LCMS page on the Xyleme website.

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Xyleme, Inc. is the leader in standards-based learning solutions that enable single-source publishing and personalized delivery of training content. Xyleme’s suite of products is powered by Xyleme LCMS, the industry’s most efficient content development platform for the rapid reuse of content across all types of print, eLearning, tablet and mobile outputs. BravaisTM is Xyleme’s cloud-based content delivery solution that enables personalized learning experiences via specialized apps that can be delivered to any device. Pastiche is Xyleme’s end-to-end solution for rapidly deploying interactive tablet applications.

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