Xyleme announces customer case study featuring conservation leader Rare

Boulder, CO; May 19, 2014 — Xyleme, Inc., is pleased to announce the publication of their latest customer case study featuring global conservation leader, Rare. Rare manages a significant amount of content, teaching local leaders in more than 50 countries about using social marketing to change behaviors to impact conservation.

Xyleme’s authoring system has had a significant impact on Rare’s ability to scale conservation efforts globally. Within Xyleme LCMS, content is stored as individual learning objects, versus large, monolithic courses which has allowed Rare the ability to create adaptive content quickly and effectively. Allowing them to easily customize based on the region the content is intended for, adaptive content has helped Rare improve their overall teaching success and expand their reach in other regions.

“Xyleme helps our staff spend the time where they most need to, which is on teaching the curriculum and making sure that our learners are learning what they need to” responded Monica Pearce, Manager of Conservation Research at Rare.

The ability to manage translations directly within the software has provided a major process improvement for Rare. Since the implementation of Xyleme, Rare has saved 30% in translation costs and even more in time-savings because they can easily isolate only the relevant material to translate.

The case study can be viewed in its entirety on the Rare Customer Page on the Xyleme website.

In the near future, Rare is looking to leverage Xyleme’s mobile and performance support capabilities to improve the ongoing learning process for their diverse team members and students.

For more information about the Xyleme solutions Rare has implemented, please visit the Xyleme website.

About Xyleme

Xyleme, Inc. is the leader in standards-based learning content management solutions that enable single-source publishing and personalized delivery of training content. Xyleme’s learning platform enables companies to author, manage, publish, deploy and measure learning from the cloud with Xyleme LCMS and Bravais — the integrated product suite used for XML-based online courseware, instructor-led training and performance support content from any LMS, web portal or mobile device. The built-in “Tin Can” Learning Record Store (LRS) captures all learner activities and includes rich Analytics Dashboards complete with an open API.

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