Xyleme announces Baker Hughes case study

Boulder, CO – December 01, 2015 – Xyleme is pleased to announce the publication of a new written and video customer case study featuring oil and gas leader, Baker Hughes.

The study details Baker Hughes’ successful use of Xyleme to centralize and standardize strategic learning content, making it easier to find, use and reuse, and widening the variety of ways they could meet learners’ modern needs.

Award-winning and widely recognized for their innovative solutions, the Learning and Development organization at Baker Hughes chose Xyleme to power their performance management improvement initiatives, By decreasing content development times, they were able to multiply their productivity while decreasing time-to-competency across the board.

“Since Xyleme, we’re able to support employees with an entire learning ecosystem. The learning experience itself has been transformed from having one static course experience for people to solve their business problems to anytime performance support with tons of flexible assets that can be deployed at any moment in time to meet their specific needs,” said Jennifer Wolf-Rogers, Global Content Development Manager for Baker Hughes. Anytime, device-agnostic delivery is a vital requirement for companies in oil and gas industry since lives can depend on immediate access to information.

Since implementing Xyleme over four years ago, Baker Hughes has reported current savings of $1.2M per year, which translates into an ROI of 240%.

“Having the entire global enterprise within one learning content management system has been great for productivity and collaboration, including keeping up with ever-changing compliance and government regulations,” added Rogers.

For more information on the learning ecosystem at Baker Hughes, read through the study today at the Xyleme website.

About Xyleme

Xyleme delivers content management for learning. It is a specialized CMS that enables organizations to build and deliver effective learning content to engage more learners in more ways. With Xyleme, organizations have everything they need to easily and efficiently author, publish, deliver and analyze their learning content..

Xyleme is headquartered in Boulder, Colo., and can be found online at www.Xyleme.com.

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