Podcasting with Industry Luminaries: Xyleme Discusses Learning Methods with Industry Expert Dr. Ruth Clark

Boulder, CO; June 4, 2008 XylemeInc., the leading provider of 100% XML, SCORM 2004 certified learning solutions announces the latest podcast in the education industry series, Voices, which features interviews with today’s top analysts, consultants and practitioners in the field of learning.

In this podcast, Dr. Ruth Clark, a recognized specialist in instructional design and technical training, discusses her work on evidenced-based guidelines for instructional modes, methods and media. Specifically, as it relates to creating visuals.

Dr. Clark uses empirical evidence to discuss the impact of visuals on learning. While relevant visuals can improve learning up to 90%, ineffective visuals often serve no useful instructional purpose and can actually impair learning. Dr. Clark provides examples which explain how relevant visuals successfully illustrate the relationship among lesson topics and explains in what circumstances text and/or audio should be used to describe these visuals. She also takes time to discuss her new book, the third edition of Building Expertise to be published in September 2008.

“With the May series, Voices has now reached over 1500 podcast downloads,” said Dawn Poulos Vice President of marketing at Xyleme, sponsor of the podcast program. “We continue to see a high level of interest in hearing compelling content from the industry’s thought leaders wrapped in engaging communication.”

Voices is committed to providing a comprehensive, unbiased discussion of topics pertinent to the training industry. The series is ongoing with new podcasts to be introduced each month. In April, the podcast series featured Elliott Masie, founder of the MASIE Center, and Dr. Conrad Gottfredson.

All individual podcasts are available for download and comments. The library also provides links to our participants’ web sites as well as links to any materials mentioned during audio podcast.

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