From theory to reality: SDSU Leverages Xyleme LCMS for Reusable XML Learning Objects Research

Project explores the potential of emerging technologies to deliver real-time dynamic training based on a learner’s moment of need

Boulder, CO; March 7, 2008 Xyleme Inc., the leading provider of 100% XML, SCORM 2004 certified learning solutions today announced its collaboration with the Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University (SDSU) to analyze the impact of new XML technologies on the concept of learning object reusability.

While the training industry sees the value of content reuse, most practitioners are generally skeptical of the reality of it. According to leading analysts, learning content reuse today is limited to simple reuse in e-learning formats. The project at SDSU will explore the promise of XML to enable true learning object reuse across multiple delivery formats and within multiple audience contexts.

“Until now, my students and I have felt limited rather than empowered by existing approaches to learning objects,” commented Bob Hoffman, PhD, Associate Professor of Educational Technology at SDSU. “Xyleme’s approach to reusability is deeply rooted in practical instructional design experiences, and we anticipate that leveraging Xyleme LCMS may at long last bring some level of fulfillment to the long-standing dream for a practical system of reusability.”

Clearly, as the industry moves towards the next evolution of learning, there will be less emphasis on one-size-fits-all instructional methods. The challenge will be to enable learners to adapt in real-time to unprecedented situations. As such, a parallel track of the project will leverage Xyleme LCMS to explore the concept of self-organization. It will attempt to create instructional platforms that are capable of offering distinctive learning experiences based on an individual�s moment of need.

“XML is a potentially liberating technology, in the sense that it offers more autonomy to the learner” commented Farhad Saba, PhD, Professor of Educational Technology at SDSU. “So far, learning objects have been looked at as another tool for instructors or instructional designers. We need to explore the idea of enabling learners to identify learning objectives and tagging them based on their own learning preferences to provide that dynamic balance between structure and autonomy in a particular moment of learning.”

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