Announcing Xyleme LCMS 3.5, new features for corporate, publishing and academic Markets

Boulder, CO (January 10, 2012) – Xyleme, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Xyleme LCMS 3.5. Executed in approximately 90 days and driven from Xyleme’s Agile Development model, 3.5 supports key customer requirements including:

  • Common Cartridge 1.1, the latest IMS academic standard
  • Custom Branding with enhanced Performance Support
  • Internal cross-reference and link validator
  • Filtered authoring views
  • Workflow advancements

By implementing an Agile Development framework, Xyleme is embracing an approach that delivers very fast, iterative product development through close collaboration with its user base. Some notable benefits include continuous feedback and a shorter program refinement. These allow Xyleme’s LCMS versions to be released every three months compared to the standard 12- to 18-month cycle used by competitors.

“Implementing Agile Development has allowed us to bring new features to our customers in a matter of weeks, rather than once a year,” commented Greg Schottland, Vice President of Operations at Xyleme. “We can now provide new functionality requested by users soon after it is requested. We have also converted management of all our project work to Agile, providing a much higher degree of implementation predictability for our clients.”

For a detailed demonstration of Xyleme LCMS 3.5 and for more on our Agile Development strategy, sign up for a live LCMS product demonstration.

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