Announcing Bravais: Xyleme’s cloud solution for learning content delivery

Bravais [pronounced brav-ey] is a cloud solution that allows organizations to quickly build personalized learning applications, connecting students, employees and customers to the content they need, using the apps they prefer, on the devices they choose. The announcement was made this morning at Learning Technologies 2012 in London.

Unlike traditional content sharing systems or learning management systems, Bravais stores content as individual learning objects, allowing precise search, dynamic assembly, and delivery of relevant information. As learning environments transition from formal courses to informal learning, Bravais gives organizations the platform and tools they require to deliver content to the next generation of performance support, social, and mobile learning applications.

Xyleme’s new cloud solution supports several key business needs including:

  • Central storage of all content in multiple formats, eliminating access restrictions
  • Precise search for relevant topics, procedures, and questions instead of full courses
  • Dynamic assembly of learning objects to build personalized learning materials
  • User Management and permissions
  • Integration with existing applications such as the LMS and Social Platforms
  • A set of APIs that allow customers to build their own learning applications
  • A new iPhone app that provides access to Bravais for real-time Performance Support

CDW’s Cloud Computing Tracking Poll found that one of the top reasons companies are adopting cloud computing today is to provide anywhere access to documents and applications. “Bravais is unlocking the learning content that organizations already have, making it available in multiple formats, and providing them the ability to build targeted applications that meet audience-specific business requirements,” explained Mark Hellinger, President and CEO of Xyleme.

“Today’s workforce and workplace are changing” and, quite frankly, most Learning & Development departments are struggling to keep up, struggling to remain relevant. Our research here is clear: essential differentiators for best L&D functions today are the abilities to deliver personalized learning as close as possible to where work happens, quickly, and in all of the forms and formats already used by the learner. “Proximity, Timeliness, Versatility, Adaptability” responded David Mallon, Vice President of Research at Bersin & Associates. “From a technology perspective, that means taking the tools for creation, management, and distribution of learning to the cloud. Of course, this is all easier said than done. So, for most, finding a forward-thinking provider with the technology and agility to enable your cloud strategy is the obvious first step.”

To learn more about Bravais or for a detailed demonstration, please visit our product page at

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