AchieveGlobal launches single-source publishing platform for Global Audience

XML-based solution delivers personalized and localized learning content to clients in over 40 countries and 30 languages

Boulder, CO; June 8, 2009 Xyleme Inc., the leading provider of 100% XML, SCORM 2004 certified learning content management solutions, today announced that AchieveGlobal has implemented Xyleme LCMS for EMC Documentum to deliver personalized, multi-modal learning content to their worldwide audience.

As the world’s leading provider of leadership development, sales effectiveness and customer service training with more than 1,800 employees in 42 nations, time-to-market is a critical component of AchieveGlobal’s competitive advantage. The company selected Xyleme’s learning content management solution to create their multitude of learning products from a single-source of content that can be rendered on demand to any output format.

By designing their content for Reusability 2.0 and storing it in a native XML format, AchieveGlobal can now:

  • Update their products quickly and effectively without having to recreate from scratch;
  • Customize training on-demand for each vertical or audience;
  • Re-brand learning products based on client requirements;
  • Localize content to meet global market demands;

“Our overarching goal is to maximize the ROI on AchieveGlobal’s training products by delivering content that evolves in step with our clients’ processes, audiences and organizational requirements,” commented Mary Miller, VP of Professional Services at AchieveGlobal. “The ability provided by Xyleme to effortlessly update, customize, localize and render our rich content to any desired delivery format has reduced our time-to-market for customized courses from an average of six weeks to less than six hours, allowing us to meet global market requirements at a fraction of our previous cost.”

“The market’s adoption of Xyleme LCMS for EMC Documentum underscores the need for learning as a critical component of Enterprise Content Management,” commented Mark Hellinger, President and CEO of Xyleme. As AchieveGlobal’s success demonstrates, a single-source of enterprise content that leverages 100% XML authoring and publishing capabilities can significantly impact an organization’s competitive advantage in today’s dynamic and difficult environment.

To learn more about AchiveGlobal’s single-source success and how to design for reusability, view the on-demand version of Xyleme’s latest webinar Designing Learning Content for Reusability 2.0 hosted by AchieveGlobal’s Mary Miller and Xyleme’s VP of Client Services, Stuart Grossman. Over 800 learning practitioners registered for this educational event to learn how reusable learning objects can be developed and applied within their organization to drive significant ROI.

About Xyleme

Xyleme, Inc. is the leader in standards-based learning content management solutions that enable single-source publishing of training content. Xyleme is 100% XML-based to create massive efficiencies through modularity and reuse. With Xyleme, organizations improve collaboration in content development, reduce time-to-market for customized training and minimize the cost of supporting blended learning. Visit

About AchieveGlobal

AchieveGlobal is the world leader in providing exceptional interpersonal business skills, giving companies the workforce they need for business results. In the 21st century, the level of human skills will determine organization success. Located in over 40 countries, AchieveGlobal offers multi-language, learning based solutions – globally, regionally and locally. Visit

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