Performance Support & Field Service Operations

Xyleme makes it easy to deliver on-the-job resources and performance support on any device, anywhere workers need to access it, elevating the performance of front-line and field service team members, reducing cost of service, and improving the customer experience. 

Xyleme is the unified, centralized & standardized platform for Performance Support & Field Service Operations

Deliver the right content, in the right place, at the right time, on any channel

Xyleme makes it easy to deliver Performance Support content anywhere your team members in the field want or need to access it — within mobile applications for rapid search or knowledge content browsing, internal knowledge-base portals, or embedded within business processes or desktop applications. 


Seamlessly deploy new & updated product and process content

Update content once at the component level & easily push to all channels and experiences — HTML5, SCORM, web pages & portals, IoT apps, chat bots, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc. — to keep content current and in sync across channels geographies.


Slash development time by reusing content across formats, publications & platforms

Share and reuse content across teams to reduce content development time while also improving consistency across the organization. Quickly repurpose existing content in new configurations and formats with built-in publishing templates to meet new business demands.

Ensure content consistency & accuracy to improve compliance & outcomes

Keep content in sync across all channels and formats. Whether tracking employee & customer activity or facilitating legal discovery & audit requests with comprehensive content usage and version history reporting, Xyleme allows organizations to manage large volumes of content with confidence.


End-to-End Performance Support & Field Service Operations Content Management


Centralize content management with reusable components

Establish a single source of truth with a centralized, cloud-based content management repository. Easily integrate content created in outside applications without duplication, ensuring accuracy, consistency, & ease of maintenance.

Simplify content reuse & personalization

Create Field Service Operations & on-the-job training content once in reusable blocks & link — don't copy & paste — to facilitate reuse & reduce the ongoing maintenance burden.

Publish dynamic web & print outputs to any channel

Use built-in, customized themes to publish Field Operations & on-the-job content to print or web with responsive design optimized for any device, format, or language.


Support certification & compliance

Track comprehensive assessment results for certification management & view detailed reporting on Field Service Operations & on-the-job-training content development, version histories & consumption to support regulatory compliance.

Easily integrate with other authoring tools

Easily import content from other popular tools (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, etc.) to use the right tool for the job, while centralizing content management & establishing a single source of truth.


Capture robust analytics & performance dashboards

Capture question-level analytics that go far beyond course completions to collect & track data from multiple LMSs, learning portals, etc., in order to gain an accurate picture of content access & activity.

Because Xyleme makes Performance Support & Field Service Operations content easier to access & consume, workers are less likely to commit safety, compliance, or regulatory violations. 


“The ability to distribute learning content anywhere we can insert a link has been a game changer.

Xyleme allows for multi-point distribution of learning content and the ability to incorporate learning content directly into many systems. This has led to dramatic increases in the use of reference content since we can better meet learners right where they need it.

Most importantly, every interaction is tracked so we can easily tell if we are connecting with learners.”

Ready to turn your content into a competitive advantage?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization & syndication at scale. 

Xyleme has been recognized by Deloitte, Brandon Hall Group, Bersin™ & Training Magazine
for excellence in products, learning design & innovation.

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