Pastiche by Xyleme wins Brandon Hall Gold for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology

Xyleme submitted the winning entry Pastiche, an early leader in the iPad learning field. Pastiche allows users to rapidly assemble existing textbooks, interactive multi-media, test prep, and moment-of-need support materials and publish them on-demand to any number of customizable and privately-branded iPad or Kindle Fire apps.

Now in its 18th year, the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards are given to companies that have successfully developed and deployed tools that have helped companies achieve measurable results.

This award-winning Pastiche solution continues to rapidly release new app versions. The latest update for Pastiche 2.2 comes only eight weeks after the launch of Pastiche 2.0, sticking to Xyleme’s agile development schedule of new releases at least every three months for all products. This new version includes:

  • Content Licensing: license keys can be created and associated to specific books thus restricting access to keyholders only.
  • Encryption: full AES-256 encryption of all content, including video and audio files. The files are decrypted on the fly by Pastiche as they are accessed.
  • Supplement Support: books can now include PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents which are opened within the app.
  • Update Notifications: users receive a notification whenever a new version of a downloaded book is available.

Experience Pastiche for yourself by downloading the free app in the AppStore.

For a detailed demonstration of Pastiche, register for Xyleme’s live monthly product webcasts.

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