Meet Xyleme [Video]: Solving Complex Content Management Challenges at Scale

When personalizing and localizing content at scale, a single document can multiply exponentially.

 Xyleme’s content management solutions alleviate the resulting maintenance burden, making it easy for organizations to personalize, reuse and maintain even the most complex content libraries.

Solving the “Content Explosion” Problem

Tailoring content to multiple diverse audiences typically leads to multiple copies being made of each piece of content – each of which then needs to be managed, updated and maintained over the long term. When delivering content at scale, all this content can quickly become overwhelming and create an immense maintenance burden.

With Xyleme, your content becomes a network – not an explosion – so updates can be made once to source content, and automatically pushed to all the locations and deliverables where that component of content is used.

Got Content Problems?

If your content management challenges feel overwhelming, we can help.

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