Learning Ecosystem Best Practices

What does the modern learning ecosystem actually look like?

Like most organizations, your organization probably has many platforms and tools needed to create learning content and distribute it to your learners. But… like many organizations, your learning ecosystem has probably become a bit messy and not as efficient as it could be.

Have you thought about the consequences long-term if you don’t fix issues now? What would it take to optimize your learning ecosystem so content creation and distribution was efficient and scalable?

In this webinar Mike shares examples and challenges top learning organizations face in their ecosystems and the journey they have gone down to improve, discuss potential consequences of not fixing issues, and offer solutions to help optimize.


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Mike Buoy 
Sr. Solutions Consultant | Xyleme

A veteran of the Learning Content Management market, Mike Buoy possesses a unique blend of leadership skills, business savvy, project management experience, instructional design and development expertise, technical competence and the knowledge of how to provide an incredible customer experience.

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