Implementation & Migration

At Xyleme, we understand that each of our partners is unique, which is why we developed a tailored, hands-on CCMS & LCMS implementation & migration process

"Choosing Xyleme as our core authoring tool has allowed us to extend our training content beyond the traditional, technical-based courses to personalized, role-based experiences, all while streamlining and keeping up with rapid product releases.”

Implementing a new enterprise Component Content Management System (CCMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a significant undertaking, and we understand the importance of getting it right.

With nearly 2 decades of experience in the enterprise learning content management industry, our teams are experts in helping organizations transition not only to new technology tools, but also to new content strategies and processes.

Whether you’ve got extensive content libraries that need to be migrated, or you’re starting fresh with Xyleme, we understand that each partner is unique, and we are wholly committed to your success.

Our tailored CCMS & LCMS Implementation & Migration plan outlines the entire migration and implementation process, from analysis of goals and existing content, to change management strategies and content clean-up plans, to ongoing maintenance, measurement and governance.

At Xyleme, we’re here to help — every step of the way.

CCMS & LCMS Implementation & Migration Strategy graphic

Implementation & Migration are just the beginning

We’re proud to be the industry-leading provider of enterprise content management solutions, but we know that success goes far beyond technology. 

That’s why we’ve also made significant investments in our award-winning Services & Support Teams — with team members based in both the US and EU — whose sole focus is driving maximum benefit for our customers. 

"Xyleme's support and education resources are responsive and truly world-class."

It’s time to end content chaos — turn your content into a competitive advantage with Xyleme.

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization & syndication at scale.

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