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Learning Content Management system

Only Xyleme’s industry-leading enterprise platform brings the
entire learning content management lifecycle together in one place.

Content Management Designed for Learning

Xyleme’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) provides a single source of truth, centralizing the learning content lifecycle & empowering organizations to create compelling, dynamic, reusable learning content, deliver it anywhere & measure its impact — with or without an LMS.

  • Single-Source Authoring

    Make it easy for teams to work together with a collaborative, secure, cloud-based XML authoring environment that features built-in learning interactions & assessments, and allows authors & subject matter experts (SMEs) to check out content for review, hold live review sessions & provide feedback in real time.

  • Reuse & Personalization

    Link content — don't copy & paste — to easily reuse individual content assets across an array of deliverables & outputs. Updates are made once & automatically pushed to all locations where each piece of content is used, making it easy to personalize learning content for individual audiences at scale while dramatically reducing maintenance time.

  • Centralized Content

    Establish a single source of truth with a centralized, cloud-based learning content management repository. Easily integrate learning content created in outside applications (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, etc.) without duplication, ensuring accuracy, consistency, & ease of maintenance.

  • Omni-Channel Publishing

    Publish learning content to any format or output (HTML5, web pages & portals, SCORM, LMSs, LXPs, chat bots, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc.), with responsive built-in templates. Flexible publishing makes it easy to pivot to new channels & formats without manually recreating learning content for each new output type.

  • Universal Content Delivery

    Easily deliver the right content, in the right channel and the right format — with or without an LMS. A built-in Learning Records Store (LRS) captures robust content while providing powerful search capabilities, full version and access control, robust security, and built-in "Where Used" reporting, regardless of where it is accessed (LMSs, LXPs, web portals, mobile apps, emails, etc.).​

  • Robust Content Dashboards

    Capture question-level analytics that go far beyond course completions. Collect & track data from multiple LMSs, learning portals, etc. to gain an accurate picture of content access & activity. Measure the true business impact of your content & learning programs with built-in xAPI-compliant analytics dashboards.

Got Content Problems?

At Xyleme, we specialize in partnering with our customers to solve the complex content problems other solutions don't have the depth or breadth to tackle.

If your content management challenges feel overwhelming, we can help.

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Carol Droin
Ford Motor Company, Finance Division

Xyleme LCMS Features & Capabilities

Only Xyleme’s industry-leading LCMS brings the entire learning content management lifecycle together, streamlining content authoring, publishing, management, delivery, tracking & analysis to provide a comprehensive tool for modern learning organizations.

Create & store content in flexible XML & link — don’t copy & paste — to reuse & publish content in any required format (Word, PowerPoint, SCORM, PDF, HTML5, etc.), while simplifying updates & minimizing the maintenance burden. 

Separate content from presentation & store it in flexible XML to make it easy to export & import only what needs to be translated, saving time & money for translation management teams. 

Create compelling learning content & accurately measure learner comprehension with a wide range of built-in interactivities & assessments, including image maps, bin drops, flash cards, tabs, drag-and-drop, matching, etc., while keeping content centralized.

Separating core content from cultural context makes it easy to personalize content at scale to meet the needs & expectations of multiple diverse audiences & user groups. 

Establish a single source of truth with a centralized content management repository. Organize, tag & version content in one place to ensure accuracy, consistency, & ease of maintenance. No more searching multiple LMSs, file shares or individual laptops for the latest content versions. Easily integrate content created in outside applications, such as Captivate or Storyline, in a centralized library without duplication.

Deliver learning content (SCORM, Instructor-Led materials, PowerPoint, video, etc.) at the point of need, with or without an LMS. With the ability to track content completions & detailed analytics down to the question-level, content can be delivered & tracked from a centralized location, no matter where it is consumed (LMS, Learning Portal, LXP, etc.).

Objectively measure & assess content & user performance with comprehensive data & reporting, down to the question level. Built-in xAPI-compliant Learning Record Store (LRS) tracks exactly how users interact with learning content, far beyond basic course completion.

Easily import content from other popular tools (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, etc.) to use the right tool for the job, while centralizing content management & establishing a single source of truth. 

Publish content to digital outputs with built-in, responsive web templates that ensure that correct & consistent formatting & layout are applied automatically, so authors don’t have to spend time reformatting each individual output & can focus on what matters — creating compelling & effective content. 

Make it easy for dispersed & remote teams to collaborate with a centralized, cloud-based authoring environment & content repository that simplifies feedback & review processes & ensures users are always accessing the most current version of each piece of content. Secure, cloud-based interface allows authors & subject matter experts (SMEs) to check out content for review & actively collaborate & provide feedback in real time. 

Quickly find the right piece(s) of content with powerful built-in granular searching & tagging capabilities. No more searching multiple LMSs, file shares or individual laptops for the latest content versions.

Deliver content in the path of the learner — whether it’s a web course, reference article, or just-in-time performance support — providing the right content, in the right place & at the right time, & ultimately improve the user experience.

Out-of-the-box portal where learners can come to search & find performance support & knowledge base content. Custom branding & the ability to authenticate with SSO over SAML 2.0 allows content to be fully permissioned via users & groups. Channels provide pre-defined customer search filters visible to learners, giving learners the ability to mark content as “Favorite” & get notified when it is updated.

Identify trends & areas that need attention or improvement with robust built-in analytics dashboards that make it easy to understand the impact & outcomes of learning programs. Collect & track data from multiple LMSs, learning portals, etc., in a centralized dashboard to provide a comprehensive view of content performance & engagement data.

Publish content to any format or output (Word, PowerPoint, SCORM, PDF, HTML5, etc.), without having to manually recreate content or adjust formatting.

Link content — don’t copy & paste — to easily reuse individual pieces of content in a variety of outputs, so updates can be made once & automatically pushed to all iterations. Track exactly where each piece of content is used with built-in “Where Used” reporting to further simplify ongoing maintenance. 

Segment content by role, region, language, product, or any number of other filters, to ensure the right content is delivered to the right user at the right time — and that they don’t have to sift through other irrelevant information to find it. 

Easily control access to content by role, region, language, or any parameter, ensuring content can only be accessed by the intended audience. Keep content safe by supporting authenticated access, IP whitelisted access, single-sign-on (SSO) & public access.

Cloud-based SCORM delivery centralizes content management & facilitates delivery to any number of SCORM-compliant LMSs.
Delivery from the cloud eliminates costly redeployments, ensures accurate & compliant content & automates the upload process.

Identify exactly which version of each piece of content was accessed, when, & by whom, with comprehensive version history reporting to support audit compliance. Whether tracking employee & customer activity or facilitating legal discovery & audit requests, having complete & accurate historical content & learner records allows organizations to manage large volumes of content with confidence.

Leverage data collected in Xyleme & export it to external business tools with seamless built-in xAPI integration. Place content within applications & platforms already in use by the organization, & integrate content from other tools to get the most out of your technology investments.

Xyleme has a proven implementation strategy to help any team get started.

With more than 15 years of experience in the content management industry, our teams are experts in helping organizations transition not only to new technology tools, but also to new content strategies and processes.

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