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We’re not going anywhere — we’re here for you during your transition & for the long haul. Xyleme has defined the LCMS space since our founding in 2004, and we continue to drive innovation to meet our partners’ evolving needs.

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We understand that selecting and transitioning to a new LCMS is no small task, and we are here to assist you throughout the process. We will continue updating and adding resources to this page over the coming months — in the meantime, please reach out to us with any questions you may have. Our team of LCMS experts is always here to help.

What Makes Xyleme Different

At Xyleme we are experts in helping organizations improve the way they create and manage content, and we have successfully guided some of the world’s largest organizations as they’ve upgraded or migrated to an LCMS. Our staff of LCMS experts will partner with you every step of the way to ensure a successful transition.

Feature Comparison

Xyleme and Kenexa have historically been the industry’s top Learning Content Management System (LCMS) providers. While some authoring tools have dabbled with LCMS features, none can match the extensive authoring, publishing and distribution capabilities of Xyleme and Kenexa. Unfortunately, IBM recently announced they will remove access and support for Kenexa LCMS on December 31, 2021.

We have developed a Xyleme & Kenexa Feature Comparison Checklist to showcase the similarities and differences between the two products.

Hands-on Support

We’re proud to be the industry-leading LCMS provider, but we know that success goes far beyond technology. That’s why we’ve also made significant investments in our award-winning Services & Support Teams — with team members based in both the US and EU — whose sole focus is driving maximum benefit for our customers. 

Xyleme’s Services & Support Teams are always available to get on the phone and help identify and implement innovative solutions for our customer’s unique challenges. 

“What we really needed was an out-of-the-box learning content management system, provided by a partner who could work with us to build a learning solution that would be unique to us….
Right off the bat, we knew Xyleme gave us what we needed."

LCMS Migration

We understand that migrating to a new LCMS requires an investment of both time and resources. From current-state analysis and future-state planning, to migrating legacy content and training team members on new processes, Xyleme’s Services & Support Team is there every step of the way. We have more than 15 years of experience in the LCMS industry and have successfully guided organizations of all sizes through the migration process. We understand that each partner is unique and we work closely with each customer to develop a tailored migration plan that is customized to meet their specific needs. 


Does Xyleme provide migration services?

Yes, our expert teams have more than 15 years experience migrating content. We’ve migrated from both Force10 and Kenexa LCMS. As you know, successful migration involves more than just moving data we help manage the entire process. We are currently working on a comprehensive Migration Guide. Check back soon for more information.

What support services does Xyleme offer?

Our award-winning Service Teams, based both in the U.S. and EU, are extremely hands-on and work closely with each of our partners to ensure success. In addition to 1:1 support, we also provide daily Q&A sessions, weekly meetings with Relationship Managers (who are also system experts), weekly “Ask the Experts” forums and monthly customer round-tables, and more.

Does Xyleme support multiple languages?

Yes, we currently support outputs in 28 languages. Our outputs also adjust to accommodate varying language string sizes. Because Xyleme stores content in flexible XML, it is not tied to presentation, making it easy to export and import only what is needed for translation. As a result, our customers significantly reduce translation costs and turnaround times.

Does Xyleme support ILT?

Yes, we have always supported Instructor-Led Training (ILT). All of our outputs can be synced from a single source, including instructor guides, student guides, and PowerPoint presentations. Xyleme is the only LCMS that can create high-quality PowerPoint slides and embed thumbnails directly into print documents. Learn more about how Xyleme supports ILT.

Do you listen to customers feedback?

Yes, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers and value their feedback. Customer feedback helps drive our development roadmap and helps us to continue to improve our products.  We have multiple communication channels in place to ensure we are able to capture our customer’s feedback in real time.

Can Xyleme accept content from other authoring systems?

Yes, Xyleme LCMS supports interactions from a wide range of authoring systems, including Articulate Storyline and Captivate. In addition, Xyleme has 30+ built-in interactions, making it easy to create compelling content quickly from a variety of tools and platforms.

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