Self Assessment: Is My Current Learning Ecosystem Enough?

As the needs and expectations of both the content consumer and the organization have grown and evolved, the limited capabilities and scope of the LMS are no longer enough to support an entire learning ecosystem. That’s where a Component Content Management System (CCMS) comes in.

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To determine if your organization would benefit from a CCMS, let’s rate your learning content ecosystem health.

As organizations rely on their Learning Management System (LMS) to manage their learning content, it is often treated as the central pillar of both their learning ecosystem and strategy. In fact, 90% of companies surveyed by Training Magazine in 2021 reported using an LMS for content delivery. However, LMSs don’t offer the breadth of functionality required to meet the needs of the content consumer or the organization.

Only an CCMS provides the robust features, capabilities, & integrations necessary to successfully author, publish, distribute, maintain & analyze content at scale & will integrate with LMSs to manage the entire content lifecycle. Different tools and platforms, such as an LMS or LXP have their place in the content ecosystem, but they may be just one of many endpoints. Only a central hub will allow you to syndicate content to many different locations — keeping it all in sync and up-to-date.

If your organization requires a more complex learning content management strategy — which can cause content deliverables to increase exponentially when multiple products, audiences, roles and languages come into playa Component Content Management System (CCMS) should be at the center of the Learning Technology Ecosystem.

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