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“Because of Xyleme’s ability to make reuse of rich content quick and simple across the LCMS, our common content consistency has gone from a nightmare to maintain across many courses, to one update and done.”

Senior Manager of Curriculum Development at Information Builders


5 content developers, 12000 customer sites | One management tool


The Situation: Content Management and Delivery Headaches

Information Builders provides business intelligence software solutions that help companies make the most of their information capital. As a benefit, customers receive structured training so they’re equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to turn data into actionable insights. The training department was challenged with how they would manage their extensive content library, create new content, deliver it in a consistent manner across all delivery formats.


The Solution: Single Source Authoring Improves Efficiency

Xyleme enables Information Builders to create content in one place, and reuse it across many courses instead of having to spend both time and dollars to recreate. With a single click of a button, content is delivered to any output. Single source has brought consistency and a higher quality of professionalism to the many outputs of Information Builders, no matter how many people work on the content. Using a small team to effectively author, reuse, and deliver better quality more quickly, they are proving their value and pleasing business leaders.

The Future: Moment of Need Support for Customers

Standard to Xyleme technology is performance support outputs, allowing Information Builders the ability to be able to deliver content via tablets, a capability they had previously been unable to support. Their custom mobile app, IB University, provides users with access to an introductory course on one of their newest products that includes videos and quizzes, and they plan to expand this popular training avenue for all customers.

“When the regulations changed last year, we quickly located [content] everywhere that needed to be updated. That alone saved us hundreds of hours of work and gave us the confidence that we didn’t miss anything.”
Ann Gambaro
Director of Education Content Development | MBA Education | Mortgage Bankers Association


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