How Xyleme Simplifies Regulatory Audit Compliance & Legal Discovery

Whether tracking employee and customer activity or facilitating legal discovery and audit requests, complete and accurate historical content and learner records allow organizations to manage large volumes of content with confidence.

When organizations need the ability to quickly and easily demonstrate regulatory audit compliance, standard out-of-the-box content libraries, like SharePoint and DropBox, just don’t cut it.

Accurate & Secure Version Management

Standard content libraries lack the information architecture necessary to effectively house and manage multiple versions of content. Once a document is saved and updated, a new version of that document is created, resulting in multiple copies and often consuming gigabytes of storage. 

Organizations are then forced to reorganize and move files to outside storage options, which prevents them from being able to store all historical records in one place, and requires manual naming and archiving processes. Having to create handcrafted workflows to support this model, not to mention managing access controls to view content in multiple systems, leads to a maintenance and governance nightmare.

Xyleme Syndicate has built-in version control, making it easy for auditors to quickly access the exact version(s) viewed by each individual user. All content, down to the list, table, and image, is marked with a last modified date and who made the updates, and allows users to quickly view the entire version history. As a result, Xyleme Syndicate users can be sure their content is current, and that they will be ready to demonstrate regulatory audit compliance and confidently supply evidence in a court of law.

Syndicate houses content in a centralized, cloud-based repository with highly customizable access and permission controls. As a result, internal and external users only have to log-in to one place to view and access all assigned content, ensuring users are properly authenticated and content is secure.

Smart & Searchable Content

When managing complex content libraries, it can be a struggle simply to find the content you need, when you need it. Without the ability to tag content and view comprehensive metadata, serving the most appropriate content at the point of need is extremely difficult, and finding the most relevant pieces of content can be complex and time consuming. 

In highly-regulated industries, the ability to quickly access accurate information is crucial, as is the ability to provide clear and complete records of all content and learner interactions. 

Syndicate’s built in dashboards can segment data by location, department or region, allowing organizations to tag content easily. Syndicate provides a powerful search tool to allow users to quickly find the right content, even in the largest content collections. Searches can be refined using tags, metadata and filters to target the most appropriate content, without sifting through pages of irrelevant information.

Xyleme makes sharing possible through public links, which do not require access that is typically needed to authenticate through a Learning Management System (LMS). Syndicate’s API also allows you to embed search boxes into other applications, making it easy to access the right information at the point of need, and in turn helping to reduce errors and non compliance incidents.

Syndicate Versioning

Users can obtain a quick glance of the history associated with each asset, including the date/time created, format and resource type.

Syndicate Detailed Versioning

Version properties track all of the associated details for each specific version, from the language used as well as other custom attributes.

Syndicate Content Overview

Content activity is highlighted and content is classified and filtered for each asset, such as location, role or department.

Robust & Actionable Analytics Data

Built-in reporting and analytics aren’t typically included in content libraries, and gathering data on user activity, group statistics, location, or specific topics is cumbersome and limited. Each report must be hand-crafted and is inherently limited to the fields and options of the individual library. 

In some cases, pulling reports requires the ability to view the specific piece of content, which is difficult with Learning Management Systems (LMS), as it requires access to the content itself. To simplify data collection and reporting over the long term, it imperative for organizations to adopt a smart, centralized content repository. 


 Xyleme Syndicate’s centralized, cloud-based content repository includes an xAPI compliant built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) that tracks exactly when and how users interact with your learning content. Xyleme’s analytics dashboards provide an accurate and objective picture of your content engagement and performance. Reports are automatic and comprehensive, providing organizations a way to identify trends and gather the data they need, when and where they need it, and making it easy for organizations to quickly demonstrate regulatory audit compliance.

Xyleme Syndicate revolutionizes the way organizations deliver and analyze their content
xyleme lrs

Because Syndicate is a cloud-based, centralized content warehouse with robust built-in analytics, content can be distributed anywhere it needs to be, and its impact and effectiveness can be measured accurately. Syndicate offers full version control and in-depth analytics data at your fingertips. Knowing your historical data is accurate and intact allows organizations to easily access complete version history records in order to comply with regulatory audits and quickly facilitate legal discovery.

Ready to explore how technology can help solve these common content management problems?

Only Xyleme’s award-winning content management solution supports the entire content creation and management lifecycle, from authoring and publishing to delivery, reuse and analysis, allowing organizations with complex content needs and audiences to drive efficiency and cost savings while also improving accuracy, consistency and business outcomes. 

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