Managing complex content libraries in an increasingly diverse learning landscape brings a range of significant challenges, from time-consuming content creation and maintenance, content trapped in restrictive formats, to the inability to personalize content at scale and a lack of actionable learner and content performance data.

Xyleme’s industry-leading Learning Content Management System (LCMS) helps major multinational organizations overcome even the most complex content management challenges. Thanks to Xyleme’s revolutionary LCMS, our users successfully reduce content development and maintenance time, easily reuse content and publish to multiple output types (print, web, PowerPoint, etc.), simplify translation processes, effectively measure and track learner engagement, personalize content at scale, and objectively assess content and learner performance with robust, built-in analytics dashboards. 

Xyleme Empowers Organizations to:

Unlock Content to Reduce Development Time by 20 – 40%

  • Free your content from restrictive formats and platforms so it can easily be reused across a variety of outputs, and be personalized to each individual audience, without creating a maintenance nightmare. 
  • Standardize authoring templates to ensure correct branding, layout, spacing and styles are automatically added based on the specific output type. Less time fussing with formats means authors can spend more time focused on creating compelling learning content. 
  • Become platform agnostic so you can get the most out of each tool you already have in place, use the best tool for each job, and keep all content in a shared repository for easy access and improved workflows.

Link Content to Simplify Reuse and Reduce Maintenance Time by 40 – 60%

  • Link Reusable Learning Objects (RL0s) instead of copying and pasting content so authors don’t have to reinvent the wheel, they can simply link reused content from the source. Updates only need to be made once to the source content and are automatically pushed to all iterative versions and output types (instructor guide, student guide, PowerPoint, job aids, etc.). 
  • Separate content from context so you can easily reuse core content in a variety of different outputs, instead of repeatedly recreating the same content for each iterative use. 
  • Separate content from presentation so content edits and updates won’t affect layout, spacing or design in the finished output.  

Simplify Translation & Facilitate Localization to Save 30 – 50%

  • Eliminate the need to unpackage and repackage content from images and activities by separating content from presentation elements to dramatically reduce translation time.  
  • Avoid adjusting layouts to accommodate longer string sizes, with content stored in a flexible XML format, allowing translated content to be re-flowed automatically.  
  • Create XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) files in minutes — the standard format used by translation vendors — so authors can quickly export content for translation and easily import it back in. Xyleme also supports side-by-side translation, so native speakers familiar with your business can compare translations to the base version for review and refinement.

Leverage Robust Performance Data to Drive Continuous Improvement

  • Review question-level analytics to objectively assess the impact and effectiveness of your content, identify learner behavior trends, and continue to hone your content.  
  • Utilize detailed learner performance metrics, including when, how and where learners are accessing your content, to gain a better understanding of learner preferences and behavior.  
  • Built-in version control and compliance support allow auditors to quickly access the exact version(s) viewed by each individual user. All content, down to list, table, and image, is marked with a last modified date, who made the updates, and the capability to view the entire version history.

Xyleme’s next generation Learning Content Management System (LCMS) empowers content professionals to revolutionize the way learning content is both created and delivered. From authoring and publishing to delivery and analysis, organizations can now manage their entire content lifecycle efficiently and effectively, and all in one place. 

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