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How to Save 30% or More on Translation


Companies like Dell are saving 30% + with Xyleme

In her 2017 article, The Holy Trifecta: The Secret to Faster, Better, & Cheaper Global Content, translation expert Val Swisher explains that structured content is one of the three factors driving efficiency into the globalization process. Coupled with optimizing translation memory, a system that stores translated words for reuse, structured content is key to keeping translation costs down.

What drives translation costs?

Think about some of the things that drive costs into your translation process today:

  1. The number of words to translate. Translation vendors use translation memory to reduce these costs when the content matches previous translations. Reusing content optimizes your use of translation memory.
  2. Desktop publishing. It can be very costly to reformat documents to handle language expansion or contraction.
  3. Multimedia translation. It’s costly and time consuming to have multimedia elements translated and then reconfigure the multimedia files with new language elements.

How does Xyleme help cut translation costs?

Xyleme doesn’t provide translation services. It’s a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) with industry-leading translation management tools that helps content development teams save a significant amount of time and money managing content translation.

With the Xyleme eLearning platform, you manage the original content and all its global variants in one place. Structured content produced in Xyleme is stored in XML so that it can be extracted, translated, and seamlessly re-inserted back into its correct position easily and efficiently.

When surveying Xyleme customers, they identified two main contributors to their cost savings:

1. Content and Process Management


The biggest contributor to cost savings is the increased efficiency Xyleme’s eLearning platform adds to the content and process management aspects of translation.

Xyleme customers avoid translating different versions of the same content, reducing the word count of new text through reuse of structured content, and eliminate desktop publishing and media translation costs as a result, content production time is cut by more than 50%.

Xyleme allows you to export content in the preferred format for many translation vendors, which is XLIFF. When the content is returned in the same format, it is snapped right back into place. No fuss, no muss.

2. Media File Captions, Text Overlay, and Transcripts

Xyleme also helps organizations reduce the translation costs associated with unpackaging text from images, by allowing authors to add text as an image overlay. By storing the text embedded in image files as separate XML, the text can easily be extracted. As a result, you can keep the image files in place and easily translate the associated data independently, then seamlessly add the translated text back into your images. No more paying extra fees associated with translating image files!

Xyleme further simplifies content translation by providing elearning templates in 28 languages, with built-in support for Right-to-Left languages. Xyleme eLearning platform templates automatically re-flow the text to accommodate the expansion and contraction that happens with language translation.

Dell Did It, So Can You

At the Learning Technologies trade show in London, David Cameron, Director of Learning Innovation & Technology for Dell EMC | Education Services, shared their story.

Before Xyleme


After Implementing Xyleme


Bottom Line? Dell EMC was able to shorten their translation process from 3 months to 5 days, which allowed service reps to take their localized training content right away. The results are better-trained service personnel that are ready the moment a new product arrives at a customer location.

While saving money on translation is always a win, creating a repeatable translation process that will constantly give back to your organization is an even bigger one. Xyleme’s eLearning platform can help.

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