Xyleme for Financial Services & Insurance Providers

Power the digital transformation of your most valuable content to ensure consistency, support compliance management, simplify omnichannel delivery & minimize risk across the extended enterprise 

Expect a game changer.

Financial services organizations & insurance providers understand the critical value of speed, accuracy, and security when communicating across dispersed organizations & teams. 

Why should learning content be any different?

Enter Xyleme.

Reduction in content
development time
Reduction in content
maintenance time
Savings on
translation costs
“Xyleme is literally the best vendor on the planet. The responsiveness, the customer community — the best.”

Optimize content across your organization

 Xyleme empowers financial services organizations & insurance providers to maximize content production, keep content up-to-date and in sync, and simplify personalization across the extended enterprise, regardless of how many locations, languages, brands and teams you serve

Onboard, mobilize, engage & retain employees

Quickly educate, onboard, and retrain employees as needed to reduce time to value, drive engagement, and keep dispersed teams up-to-date on the latest procedures and best practices regardless of when or where they access content, all while ensuring accuracy, consistency and compliance.

Simplify compliance audits & reduce risk

Track comprehensive learner consumption data, streamline certification management, and capture detailed metrics on content access, version histories, comprehensive edit & update records (who, what, when) & assessment results to minimize risk and simplify audit compliance processes.

Protect content with secure, single source of truth

Easily control access to specific content publications and libraries by role, region, language, product, etc. Limit editing access to eliminate content drift, keep content in sync, and reduce redundant Quality Assurance (QA). Keep content secure by supporting authenticated access, IP whitelisted access, single-sign-on (SSO) & public access.

Ensure content accuracy & consistency at scale

Create flexible, reusable content components to support omnichannel and multiexperience delivery across any number of unique touchpoints. Reduce content development time and provide your audiences with consistent, personalized content experiences and up-to-date information, regardless of format or device.

One unified content platform for Manufacturing organizations

simplified updates & maintenance

compliance management

collaboration across teams

personalization at scale

translation management

third party tool integration

Wells Fargo partnered with Xyleme to enhance their ability to update and deliver content to their more than 260,000 learners.

By centralizing and streamlining content management with Xyleme, Wells Fargo was able to simplify and standardize content authoring, maintenance and management processes across their 200+ content authors to improve consistency while significantly increasing the speed at which they could create and deliver content at scale. 

“Xyleme’s platform and the templates we have created have been outstanding. It was the only way we could provide content with creativity and variance without sacrificing scale.”


While an LMS has a viable place in the learning industry, its purpose is to track and report the completion of educational courses and training programs. Xyleme’s platform enables content creators to manage content through its entire lifecycle, from authoring to delivery and analysis. While an LMS serves a different purpose, both platforms can work together.

Xyleme’s solutions can feed content to different platforms for different delivery methods, while still allowing for the management of content to be synced. Content can be fed into one or more LMSs without having to download, upload or reload to keep files in sync. Content can also be embedded within other applications such as Salesforce or fed to a Learning Experience Platform.

Xyleme integrates with most LMSs such as Cornerstone, Blackboard Moodle, Skillsoft and more.
Many of our customers also integrate with their LXP platforms such as Degreed and EdCast as well as knowledge bases such as Zendesk and CSMs such as Salesforce.
Xyleme integrates with custom web applications through our API layer and also supports integration of popular syntax and grammar tools such as Acrolinx and Congree.
Streamlining content management is made easy with Xyleme; as content creators are able to integrate content from the tools they use today (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Articulate, Adobe Captivate, DITA, etc.).

Yes, many of our customers utilize Xyleme’s integrations with numerous e-commerce and payment portals such as PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Yes! Xyleme’s presentation layer is completely configurable. Skins, menus, interactions and the overall look and feel of your content can be customized based on your organization’s branding.

It’s time to end content chaos.

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization & syndication at scale.

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