The Key Strategy You're Ignoring, Content as a Business Asset

CLO Leadership Summit

October 11th & 12th, New York, NY

The Key Strategy You’re Ignoring, Content as a Business Asset

Thursday October 11th at 2:45 PM 

Leslie Farinella | VP of Customer Success, Xyleme


With learning audiences and environments constantly evolving, learning and development teams who want to take on personalization are facing increasing demands. This session will explore why you need to start treating your learning content as a business asset and what technology, tools, and mindset you need to make that change.


About Leslie Farinella

Leslie Farinella has over 15 years experience as a training strategy and design consultant, working with such organizations as GE, Citigroup, Johnson & Johnson, and Nielsen. With a background in engineering and an advanced degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she is able to help organizations re-imagine their learning content strategy to optimize learning efficiency through the use of innovative learning techniques and technologies. Leslie’s expertise in business process change management, information architecture and teaching strategy helps Xyleme customers succeed on their journeys to high performance learning content.

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A Better Way to Produce Learning Content 

Xyleme is the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) of choice for the visionaries who are looking for innovative ways to change the way learning is created and delivered.

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Resource To Help You Get Started Building Your Content Strategy:


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  • [Whitepaper and Video] How to Design for Reuse
    Reuse is, at its most basic form, taking content and using it elsewhere. The first step in this journey is to write structured content. We have two resources for you, a whitepaper and video to help you learn how to build your content with reuse in mind.

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  • [Article] How to Adopt a Learning Content Strategy
    Content strategy is most effective when it supports and directly aligns back to the goals of the learning organization. It is the job of the learning function within the business to determine how the content is managed, distributed, consumed and used to provide a financial impact that is relevant to the business

  • [Webinar] 3 Ways to Faster and Better Learning Content
    In this short webinar, Principled Technologies and Xyleme offer three ways to shorten your development time: collaboration, job roles and templates.



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