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Common Content Management Problems

Most organizations serving complex content libraries to diverse audiences struggle with at least a few of these common content management challenges.

Is your organization one of them?

Do your teams spend a significant amount of time creating content and keeping it in sync?

Regardless of the format (HTML5, web pages & portals, IoT apps, chat bots, PowerPoint, SCORM, Word, PDF, etc.), with today’s content management advances, there’s no need to continually reinvent the wheel. You can significantly reduce development time by linking and reusing existing content and standardizing templates so that content updates and formatting are always in sync. Xyleme helps teams significantly reduce development time by making it easy to update and reuse content.

Do your teams spend more time re-formatting and re-designing outputs than actually creating content?

With traditional tools, it’s easy to waste a lot of time fussing with layout and styling options. Updating branding, lining up bullets, styling headings, changing copyright dates can result in tedious amounts of work that ultimately doesn’t improve content performance or the user experience. With pre-defined templates and standardized styles, your teams can focus on the quality of their content instead of branding and formatting. With Xyleme, teams are able to eliminate the extraneous amount of time spent formatting and re-formatting content.

Does your organization have access to actionable data around content and user performance?

It is not uncommon to spend countless hours developing, designing, and publishing content only to wonder if it is really making an impact. Unfortunately, this has become the status quo. Typical metrics don't exceed a simple thumbs up / thumbs down or course completion. Comprehensive analytics around content performance allows you to objectively assess the value and effectiveness of your content. Xyleme provides organizations with insights into page-level metrics, question-level analytics and segmented data by role, department or region.

Does it seem impossible to effectively personalize content at scale?

As organizations put more emphasis on tailoring content for different audiences across different languages, regions, and any number of other filters, the content maintenance burden increases exponentially. Separating content from context and linking instead of copying and pasting, allows authors to efficiently personalize content for each individual audience. Xyleme helps teams eliminate the content maintenance burden by empowering them to personalize content at scale without creating endless iterations.

Do your teams spend a lot of time exporting and importing content for translation?

Supporting global audiences typically means spending a tremendous amount of time recreating additional versions of the same content for each language. Image and screenshots that contain text have to be manually extracted. This can be costly and time consuming, while also creating a cutting and pasting nightmare. The ability to automatically translate graphics with text streamlines this process. Xyleme helps organizations save time and expense on translation by separating text strings from images and screenshots.

Do you struggle with version history and compliance tracking?

Whether tracking employee and customer activity, complying with legal discovery and audit requests, or identifying historical records of exact versions served, standard out-of-the-box content libraries just don’t cut it. With a centralized system of truth and comprehensive content tracking, you can be confident in your ability to provide accurate documentation at the time of need. With Xyleme, historical data is accurate and intact, allowing organizations to easily access complete version history records in order to comply with regulatory audits quickly.

Do your teams use a variety of different tools that aren't integrated?

Using a variety of tools to create and manage different types of content is common in today's organizations. Unfortunately, most of these tools don't play well with others. The ability to import from other tools, such as Storyline, Microsoft, HTML5 and more, provides the ability for teams to integrate custom built interactions, videos or gaming from other tools without slowing down the workflow. Providing actionable data about all types of content and learner performance into external business tools also helps measure your content's impact. With Xyleme, teams are able to integrate content created from other tools and objectively assess the impact of their content across the board.

Do your teams struggle to manage and update content trapped in different authoring tools and platforms?

In many organizations, content is scattered across departments, platforms and authoring tools, making ongoing management difficult and time-consuming. Housing content in different sources leads to unnecessary duplication and makes review and collaboration a challenge. By maintaining a single centralized content database, organizations can reduce wasted time, streamline review processes, and facilitate collaboration. Xyleme provides a centralized, single-source content library so organizations can manage all of their content in one place.
Ready to explore how technology can help solve these common content management problems?

Only Xyleme’s award-winning content management solution supports the entire content creation and management lifecycle, from authoring and publishing to delivery, reuse and analysis, allowing organizations with complex content needs and audiences to drive efficiency and cost savings while also improving accuracy, consistency and business outcomes. 

Contact us today to speak with a content management expert about how Xyleme can help drive improvement at your organization.

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