Chapman Alliance and Xyleme Release Single Source Course

Boulder, CO; October 9, 2012 Taught to world class organizations by Bryan Chapman, single-source content development is the idea that from a single-source, content can manipulated, re-used and output to any format: student and instructor guides, eLearning, tablet and smartphone apps, just to name a few. With the ever-abounding popularity of BYOD policies and using multiple devices for work, it has never been more strategically important that your organization can fulfill the demands of receiving content through multiple outputs. That is where single-source comes in.

On September 12th, to an audience of nearly 600, Bryan explained that by usingXyleme LCMStechnology and single-source methodologies, he was able to turn the content of his 2-day instructional workshop into a single-source course that can be published to numerous outputs.

In addition, Bryans 4-hour single-source course is available for free (thank you, Creative Commons!) For your convenience, it is available in eLearning, tablet, Print and soon, smartphone outputs.

If you are interested in learning more about Xyleme LCMS, the technology that powered Bryans Single-Source Course, sit with us on Thursday, November 8th for the next onlineXyleme LCMS demo. See you soon!

About Xyleme
Xyleme, Inc. is the leader in standards-based learning solutions that enable single-source publishing and personalized delivery of training content. Xylemes suite of products is powered by Xyleme LCMS, the industrys most efficient content development platform for the rapid reuse of content across all types of print, eLearning, tablet and mobile outputs. Bravais is Xylemes cloud-based content delivery solution that enables personalized learning experiences via specialized apps that can be delivered to any device. Pasticheis Xylemes end-to-end solution for rapidly deploying interactive tablet applications.

Xyleme clients include: Baker Hughes, Achieve Global, Dunkin Brands and Dutch Railways.

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