Our Tips for Balancing Kids & Working from Home


Tips for Balancing Working & Parenting from Home Who remembers this video from a few years back of a BBC News source who was working from home when his kids unexpectedly popped in during the broadcast? https://youtu.be/Mh4f9AYRCZY There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on BBC News […]

Our Top Tips for Managing from Home


‘Managing from Home’ Tips from Our Experts Working from home is one thing, but what about managing from home? As a dispersed organization with a predominantly remote workforce, we know a thing or two about not only working from home, but managing from home as well.   Managing from home — especially for the first time […]

Our Top Tips for Learning from Home


‘Learning from Home’ Tips from Our Experts With unprecedented numbers of people working from home for the first time due to the novel Coronavirus, we’re being bombarded by content geared toward helping people adjust to the WFH lifestyle. But people are doing a lot more than just working from home — what about the unique […]

Solving the Content Explosion Problem

What do many major organizations have in common?  A content problem — specifically, a content explosion problem. Writing and delivering content that can scale effectively is a tall order, and the more audiences an organization serves, the more complicated it becomes. For example, delivering a small piece of content, such as procedure steps for a job […]

Case Study: Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company — the second-largest automotive manufacturer in the U.S. and fifth-largest in the world — knew that creation of learning content could be more efficient and cost-effective, using technology to help reimagine eLearning translation management. Read the Ford Motor Company Case Study Ford’s Finance Division was specifically focused on streamlining the way they […]

Don’t Believe the Ghost Stories… ILT is Not Dead

As organizations continue to focus on new and innovative ways to implement and enhance digital learning, statistics are showing that Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is not dead. In fact, according to the 2019 Brandon Hall Study, ILT remains the primary form of learning delivery in organizations ? a whopping 94% of organizations, compared to 77% primarily […]

Webinar Recording Link: Is Your Content Keeping Up with the Learning Experience?

In this joint webinar with Brandon Hall Group, hosts David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with BHG and Leslie Farinella, Chief Operating Officer at Xyleme, explore the modern learning experience, the current content landscape, designing for the modern learner, and real-world examples of organizations that are doing it right. Ready to learn more about Xyleme’s industry-leading […]