Training vs. Performance: How to Determine the Problem You Are Trying to Solve

As training professionals, were often asked for a specific solution from our business partners.Those new to this field may not realize that training is not always the right solution to solve a specific problem. Training solves one problem, namely, they dont know how to do it. As such, it is a great solution when: Someone […]

How to Adopt a Learning Content Strategy

Do a quick Google search on Learning Content Strategy. Go ahead. It didnt return much, did it? For some reason, there is very little helpful information out there on creating and maintaining a learning content strategy. The majority of material available discusses content strategies for web and marketing. If you dont believe me, do a […]

The Failures of Over-Relying on the LMS

You probably have already heard of the 70-20-10 rule: 70 percent of learning is informal, 20 percent is on-the-job or experiential, and only 10 percent is formal. Given this, the LMS is already at a disadvantage to keep track of the 90 percent of learning that happens outside of it. It isnt that an LMS […]

Time to Competency: Why It Matters

Time to Competency

Competence: The ability of an individual to perform a specific role or do a job properly. Competence. Understanding it is not complicated, but providing your employees the right set of tools to achieve it is. According to Bersin, from the perspective of the Learning & Development (L&D) function itself, 98% believe that their primary mandate […]

Structuring Informal Learning for Success

Embed this Graphic To embed this infographic, copy and paste the below code into the html of your website or blog. How to Structure Informal Learning for Success Informal learning is natural, but not always efficient. 98% of workers have gained job knowledge by browsing online 57% have completed a formal eLearning or instructor-led training […]