Learning and Development Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Learn about the current state of learning and development and view priorities and predictions for learning and development programs in 2018 and beyond. Learning and development is continually shifting tactics to keep up with industry standards and the needs of the modern-learner. These strategies include how learning is created and managed, how and where it […]

Too Much Content, Too Little Time

Creating learning content is too easy OK, lets back up a bit. Creating new corporate training content comes with a unique set of challenges, but in the past decade, the tools and capabilities necessary to create modes of learning content have improved dramatically. Technology has evolved across the learning ecosystem and now many rapid-authoring and […]

How To Design for Reuse

Here are two great resources from Xyleme to help you build your content with reuse in mind! Often there is a lack of consistency in learning organizations stemming from each unit with their own set of standards leading to a different learner experience and look & feel. And then, organizations are multiplying that content by […]

Shared Content is Active Content

From the Blog Series: How to Create Content for the Modern Learner In this series, guest blogger Cristine Lipscomb provides actionable advice on how to make this shift to modern learning content. Blog #3: Shared Content is Active Content Managing learning content fortodays learners is a challenge for most L&D organizations because it means they […]

The Expanded Roles of Learning and Development

Unless you havent been paying attention or were spending the last few years hiding on a deserted island (with your trusty volleyball friend Wilson) you probably know the landscape for Learning and Development (L&D) has been rapidly changing. There are all sorts of new ways of doing things from creating content in bite-size […]

Top Three Challenges of Creating Content for the Modern Learner

Todays learner is overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient. Learning organizations are starting to realize that theres a wide disconnect between what modern learners want and what L&D currently provides. Only 7% of employees say L&D influences learning, whereas 50% say their manager has the greatest influence on how they learn. L&D is facing real challenges today. […]

Reusability 2.0: The Key to Publishing Learning

What would you do if you had to develop and deliver personalized training to 900,000 employees, located in 34,000 different locations globally with a complex set of variables that changes training on a location-by-location basis? The key is reusability 2.0. While technology-delivered training has become main stream in many organizations, most are still not fully […]