Case Study: Nielsen

Nielsen empowered employee training with a content strategy and the use of Xyleme.


nielsenTo enable the sales and services side of the business, Nielsen had just simplified their offerings into a Practice Framework to position over 400 discrete products into a simpler framework that parallels the way clients do business.

To guide the transition to the new model, the Global Training Organization (GTO) was challenged to deliver learning content at the same pace at which the company was innovating solutions through rapid product development and frequent acquisitions. In parallel, global sales teams were demanding access to product information in smaller, more consumable forms than traditional instructor-led courses and eLearning. They wanted easy access to content before, during and after the “client call” to provide the best matched solution to their prospects and customers. The goal was to offer educational content that was relevant for the current business portfolio, while providing the best experience for the employee.

A critical tool for meeting this objective was Xyleme. Within just a few months of managing learning content in Xyleme, there was a shift from monolithic courseware development to the creation of small, reusable content “chunks.” This enabled them to quickly update information, assemble courses as needed and translate content efficiently. They attributed their early success to the attitude of their staff, the Xyleme engagement model and the power of Xyleme’s platform, which enables content reuse and publishing to many outputs from a single source. Adopting an agile mindset allowed the team to work quickly toward small tangible goals.

This case study explores Nielsen’s journey and should provide inspiration to L&D organizations that are considering the shift to agile development methods and reusable content strategies.

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