Xyleme CCMS launches new user interface

Completely redesigned UI simplifies content development & improves user experience

March 2, 2020 | Denver Xyleme, Inc. today launched a new user interface for its Component Content Management System (CCMS). The new user interface design streamlines the content authoring  experience to provide a better end-to-end experience for Xyleme customers.

Xyleme’s  new design focused on making the UI more intuitive and user friendly.

“Our new authoring experience is a by-product of our commitment to listening and delivering on customer feedback,” says VP of Customer Success Diane Jennings.

Much of the new UI design effort focused on usability. The new user interface makes content structure easier to see and navigate, makes it easier to move individual content components around within a document, and makes it easier to access content elements within each piece of content, significantly improving the user experience.

“We’ve put a huge amount of time and effort into completely redesigning our user interface, and the initial feedback we’ve received has been outstanding,” says Xyleme Director of Product Management Jim Waschbusch.

“It’s a great example of our commitment as an organization to listening to our customers’ feedback and continuing to innovate and improve our products.”


About Xyleme

Xyleme was founded in 2004 as a platform offering multi-output publishing to a variety of industries. Three years later, the organization realigned efforts to focus exclusively on helping organizations better manage their learning content. Over the next decade Xyleme released a line of products and solutions directly tailored to the specific needs of CLOs, learning managers, instructional designers, and their teams.In 2020, Xyleme broadened focus and rebranded as Xyleme Component Content Management System (CCMS). Xyleme’s platform facilitates the efficient mass-production of content and makes updating and maintaining content simpler, creating a truly scalable solution for global enterprises.

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