What’s the ROI of Streamlined Content Maintenance & Updates?

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The ROI of content maintenance is driven by the significant reduction in time & resources required to keep content up-to-date, and by reducing risk and non-compliance incidents resulting from inaccurate or out-of-date content.
Xyleme customers save an average of more than 60% on content maintenance time thanks to the ability to quickly update source content and then seamlessly push those updates to every single publication, channel, and experience where that piece of content is used.

Xyleme CCMS helps drive content maintenance ROI by leveraging intelligent, structured content, built in individual, reusable components, to create limitless content experiences. 

Because content is reused instead of recreated for each new content deliverable — and linked instead of copied — updates can be made quickly and comprehensively, regardless of volume or scale. 

And therein lies the true ROI of streamlined content maintenance.

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Built-in “Where Used” reporting allows content teams to quickly identify each individual place a piece of content is used, allowing enterprise-wide content updates to be made in a fraction of the time of traditional content maintenance processes.

Simplifying content maintenance processes across the extended enterprise not only reduces content development and update time, it also minimizes risks associated with inaccurate or inconsistent content, resulting in better outcomes and fewer errors or non-compliance incidents.

“Prior to Xyleme, content updates could take up to 3 or 4 days, as the Instructional Designers had to first find, then manually update all the locations where the content appeared… With Xyleme, we simply update the source content and then we can seamlessly push the updates to every single location where the content is used, so updates now take hours instead of days—the time savings have been significant.” – Regional U.S. Energy & Utilities Provider

Considering that the average U.S. company spends upwards of $5 million a year on non-compliance incidents, there is a huge potential for content maintenance ROI when organizations can ensure content is accurate and up-to-date across all deliverables, teams, products, and locations.

Realizing the significant potential ROI of streamlined content maintenance and making it easier to keep content accurate and up-to-date is a win for any organization, but accomplishing that at scale is no simple task.

Combining reusable content components with a powerful, end-to-end content management platform like Xyleme empowers even the largest organizations to easily keep content in sync and up-to-date, no matter how many unique products, audiences, languages, and business use cases they serve, so they can drive real content maintenance ROI.

Watch a recent Product Tour featuring Xyleme Senior Solution Architects to see how Xyleme CCMS simplifies and streamlines content maintenance to drive efficiency and ROI across the extended enterprise.

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