Understanding the Learning Technology Ecosystem

What is a Learning Technology Ecosystem?

As many companies move to remote working environments for the first time, the technology components of the learning ecosystem are becoming more important than ever before.

Learning Technology Ecosystem is made up of the tools and platforms that an organization uses to create, deliver, manage, deliver and analyze their learning content.

Each organization’s Learning Technology Ecosystem is going to look a little (or a lot) different. Depending on size, scope and future goals, the needs of both learners and content management teams can vary greatly.

Is your Learning Technology Ecosystem positioning your organization for success? 

The modern learning technology ecosystem is made up of six components:  

  1. Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS): Simplify Authoring, Publishing, Delivery & Analysis
  2. Learning Management Systems (LMS): Assign & Deliver Formal Courses & Track Completion
  3. Content Creation & Authoring Tools: Facilitate Creation of Print & E-Learning Content
  4. Content Management Systems (CMS): Centralize Content Management & Storage
  5. Learning Record Stores (LRS): Capture Learner & Content Performance Analytics
  6. Learning Experience Platforms (LXP): Provide User-Driven Personalized Content Curation

While not all components are necessary for all organizations, each plays an important role, and can be tied together in different ways to achieve specific learning management outcomes.  

Many organizations center their learning technology ecosystem on a Learning Management System (or even multiple LMSs,) but the reality is that LMSs are designed as learning delivery platforms – not to manage content. 

Only a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) provides the centralized content management and maintenance capabilities required to effectively manage large volumes of enterprise learning content – from authoring and publishing, to management and delivery, to tracking and analysis.  

Learn more about the unique benefits and capabilities of each of these components in our latest article, The Learning Technology Ecosystem. 

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