Struggling to keep employees engaged?

Keeping employees engaged in the workplace is a challenge for many organizations, but employee engagement is more important than ever.

Employee engagement is vital in the modern workplace, but as of the first quarter of 2022, just 36% of U.S. workers report being actively engaged in their work and workplace, while 15% are actively disengaged. And 74% of those actively disengaged workers are actively seeking new employment.

Recent research by Gallup found that creating a great workplace culture that keeps employees engaged and proactively drives positive business outcomes “isn’t about making employees happy or content — and organizations falter when they think it is.”

It's true that enthusiastic and energetic employees feel better about their work and workplace. But engagement is not determined by an abstract feeling. Measuring workers' contentment or happiness levels, as well as catering to their wants, often fails to achieve the underlying goal of employee engagement: improved business outcomes.

So how can organizations keep employees engaged and retain high performing employees? The answer may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked: give workers the tools they need to be successful — in other words, make it easy for them to do their jobs well.

The key is making it easy for your employees to access the personalized information, training, reskilling / upskilling content and on-the-job resources they need at the point of need — that is, providing the content they need (and only the content they need), exactly when and where they need it.

But fewer than 10% of companies in Brandon Hall Group’s Learning Strategy Survey state that their learning environment “takes advantage of multiple technologies to create engaging, personalized learning experiences.” 

According to Brandon Hall Group, “High Performing organizations are more likely to use personalization than other companies,” with 62% of these “High Performing” organizations reporting using personalized learning strategies to keep employees engaged compared to just 35% of non-high-performing organizations.

Download the free eBook from Xyleme and Brandon Hall Group: Content Personalization at Scale — Why Content Strategy & Technology are Critical to Success to learn how implementing a personalized learning strategy helps drive employee engagement, satisfaction, outcomes, and ultimately, retention.

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