The Future Is Coming: What We Learned from Learning Solutions & Learning Technologies

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Our Teams have been traveling to conferences all over the country and the UK these past couple of months. The learning industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and with that comes new technology and solutions to help meet the needs of enterprise organizations. We have had the opportunity to attend Learning Solutions, Learning Technologies, and more to come.
Learning Soultions
Learning Solutions conference, sponsored by The Learning Guild is an event for learning professionals to learn new skills and the latest trends in technology for solutions they can bring back to their L&D departments.
This year was no different as organizations are still struggling immensely with content management challenges and are working to scale because they do not have the right tools in place. It was eye-opening to have conversations with attendees from different industries and organizations — we bonded over their current struggles within their L&D departments and how Xyleme can help. 
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This year’s Keynote Sessions featured: Learning’s Role in Innovation and Problem-Solving, Blowing Up Stereotypes in Learning: Bigger, Better, and More Explosive!, Lessons from an Accidental Educator, and Collaborative Communication: The Secret to Putting Learning into Action.

Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies Conference, which takes place in ExCel, London every year was no different in terms of people struggling with content management issues, however, there was a lot of conversation around AI and the role that it will come to play in a lot of these Learning Solution Softwares. Our CRO, Brad Swingruber, said that he heard many mixed conversations about AI generative content, and one quote stuck out to him in particular “Ignore generative AI at your own Peril.” 

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This year’s theme was “Building future skills, together,” reskilling, upskilling, and skilling your entire enterprise is something that organizations are still struggling with. We spoke to many attendees who were looking for ways to support their learning & development needs across multiple geographies as well as multiple roles within their organization.
We also met many companies who were looking for ways to make sure that they were upskilling their employees for the future. We had great conversations about how our platform can help them achieve their goals. With that being said, we are excited to attend more conferences to fill out Q2 and the rest of the year, with DevLearn to wrap up our conference season in October! 
Top Question We Heard:
So if Xyleme isn’t an LMS, than what is it?

An LCMS goes beyond the capabilities of an LMS, allowing content to be managed, updated and deployed on a granular level, allowing organizations to easily repackage and reuse content and media to serve the right audience, in the right format at the right time. LCMSs also provide a centralized content and asset repository, support single source publishing, and collect and aggregate data that extends far beyond basic course completions.

We are so excited to see where the future of content is headed, and attending these conferences both in person and virtually will help enterprise organizations better understand how their pain points can be solved.

Xyleme combines CCMS and LCMS capabilities to deliver a scalable solution for collaborative content authoring, publishing, management, delivery, and syndication, making it easy for large organizations to deliver the right content to the right audience on the right channel at the right time — anywhere in the world.

Want to learn more about where the future of content is heading? Our Chief Strategy Officer, Leslie Farinella hosted a webinar with Training Industry that’s now on-demand. Watch the recording below!

Webinar: The Future of Content Design

With this shift came a greater focus on creating personalized pathways for top talent to develop the skills they need to keep and grow their careers. According to the LinkedIn Learning 2022 Report, companies that excel at internal mobility retain employees two times as long as those that struggle with it. This shows that L&D will play a critical role

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