Driving Content Management ROI with Xyleme CCMS


From internal and external corporate communications to product training, technical documentation, learning & development, customer education — and everything in between — a Component Content Management System (CCMS) allows organizations to improve content management ROI across the extended enterprise by centralizing content in order to streamline processes, increase agility, and drive a better customer experience.


How Xyleme CCMS Supports the Extended Enterprise
  • Improves Agility & Speed to Market
  • Simplifies Reuse & Personalization at Scale
  • Supports Collaboration Across Teams
  • Ensures Quality & Consistency
  • Facilitates Regulatory & Audit Compliance
  • Lowers Translation Costs

Learn more about how Xyleme CCMS support the extended enterprise.

As delivery channels, platforms and customer expectations continue to evolve, Xyleme CCMS provides organizations with an agile, centralized content management hub that streamlines content creation, delivery, and the publishing process, empowering organizations to provide a more unified customer experience, increase loyalty and satisfaction, and ultimately improve ROI.

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