Chief Learning Officer Salary Infographic

Chief Learning Officers, like all other occupations, will need to negotiate their salaries several times in their careers. Having comparable data can make the process easier and more straightforward.  In the below infographic and following data tables, we have gathered data on average salary and bonus, top salaries by state and city, and the best states for salary growth.

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chief learning officer salary
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Notable Data

  • The average salary of a Chief Learning Officer is $152,563
  • The average bonus is $9,566
  • New Jersey, California, Washington DC, New York, Connecticut, Massachussetts, Delaware, Alaska, and Maryland have the top average salary for CLOs
  • The top CLO salaries are in San Francisco, New York Ciy, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta
  • San Francisco boasts the highest CLO salary, while Georgia has the lowest
  • The best states for salary growth (greatest difference between starting and senior salary) are New Jersey, California, Washington DC, New York, and Connecticut
  • The lowest salary growsh can be found in Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Montana, and Mississippi

Highest Average Chief Learning Officer Salaries

  1. New Jersey: $129,061
  2. California: $126,048
  3. Washington DC: $125,480
  4. New York: $124,716
  5. Connecticut: $123,056
  6. Massachusetts: $121,177
  7. Delaware: $119,234
  8. Alaska: $119,049
  9. Maryland: $118,917

Top Cities for Chief Learning Officer Salaries

  1. San Francisco: $140,000
  2. New York City: $139,000
  3. Los Angeles: $133,000
  4. Boston: $125,000
  5. Washington DC: $123,000
  6. Houston: $122,000
  7. Seattle: $121,000
  8. Dallas: $120,000
  9. Chicago: $116,000
  10. Atlanta: $110,000

Average Chief Learning Officer Salary by State

Average Chief Learning Officer Bonus by State

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