Case Study: Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company — the second-largest automotive manufacturer in the U.S. and fifth-largest in the world — knew that creation of learning content could be more efficient and cost-effective, using technology to help reimagine eLearning translation management.

Ford’s Finance Division was specifically focused on streamlining the way they designed, developed and produced translatable learning content, in order to reduce eLearning translation time and generate significant cost savings. In 2018, they selected Xyleme’s LCMS to help them accomplish these goals. 

“Xyleme has been a terrific time and cost savings for us.” 
– Carol Droin, Ford Finance Learning & Development

Ford’s Finance Division trains and supports more than 5,000 learners globally, and has used Xyleme to successfully reduce translation costs by 75%, for a savings of more than $175,000.

Additionally, Xyleme’s flexible XML and structured, reusable content allowed them to reduce average translation times from three months per course to just four-to-six weeks. 

Not only does Xyleme streamline the eLearning translation process, it also supports localization, which allows Ford to designate specific words or terms as variables and dynamically substitute those words at the point of publishing, while still maintaining a single source of truth. 

Content can now be tailored to a variety of audience requirements, including unique branding, product names, and cultural context. Thanks to Xyleme, Ford is able to localize content at scale, while also improving the user experience.

Read the full case study: “Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company.”

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