ATD 2019: Oprah, Seth Godin & “Causing a Ruckus” in Training & Development

“Your mission, which you have already accepted, is to make change happen….
Go make a ruckus.” – Seth Godin

ATD 2019 is officially in the books, and attendees walked away from this year’s event with a wealth of actionable tips as well as big picture ideas about the future of Training and Development.

From keynotes by Seth Godin and Oprah, to practical tools for visual design and a big picture look at the future of learning management, this year’s conference featured 300+ sessions, 12 content tracks and 3 industry tracks, and drew more than 13,000 attendees to Washington, D.C.

Sessions tackled the issues learning and development professionals face daily, offering real-world tips on everything from subtractive design (“Remove things until the message breaks,”) to augmented reality learning, to the importance (and teachability!) of soft skills, and the paradigm shift of eLearning to Lean Learning.

Xyleme’s own Senior Solutions Consultant, Mike Buoy, presented “Simple Strategies You Can Adopt Right Now to Support Personalized Learning” to a full house.

The presentation broke down simple, actionable ways organizations of all sizes can effectively support personalized learning for all team members, regardless of language, location, or area of expertise:

  • Make it Targeted – Analyze content for differences (and repetition)
  • Make it Chunked – Organize content in bite-sized pieces
  • Think in Content Blocks – Think pieces of content, not pages of content
  • Separate Content from Context – Remember, “Content is not a course!”
  • Make it Consistent – Create compelling content in a consistent format

Click here to download the “Simple Strategies You Can Adopt Right Now to Support Personalized Learning” PowerPoint as a PDF.

At Xyleme, we understand content. As the industry’s leading LCMS provider, we’ve been helping our customers innovate and challenge the status quo since 2004. We work with many of the top Fortune 500 companies to solve their toughest content management problems. 

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