A Day in the Life of a Mobile Knowledge Worker

a-day-in-the-life-of-a-mobile-knowledge-workerTo help illustrate seamless content delivery across any device, lets shadow Joe on his way to work

Here it is: a day in the life of a mobile knowledge worker…

Joe is a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) in cloud technologies, recently married, no kids yet, and commutes nearly an hour each way on the train every day to a large data center in the city.Joe is working towards a promotion and requires the next level of certification – CCNP (Professional level). He has about 6 months to get ready for the exam. He also enjoys video games, is naturally competitive and likes a challenge. He wouldnt consider himself super disciplined but knows he can consistently dedicate about 8-10 hours per week towards his studies. Based on his prior experience he feels he can be ready for the exam in about four months and even take it a second time if needed.

Its a Thursday and Joe arrives at the commuter rail station about 10 minutes ahead of the train. He is standing on the platform and pulls out his phone. He clicks on his browser and is already logged into the Cisco Digital Learning environment as part of his online subscription. He checks the leader board. He can see that his virtual colleague Smit_245 has passed him up again and now Joe has fallen to #10. He thinks to himself Wow this guy is cranking! I could complete the next lab on the train today, right? He checks his bag for his tablet and headphones. Check. Once he grabs his seat, Joe pulls out his tablet and logs in. He picks the next lab in the series and checks the availability of the hardware. Great! Its available so I dont have any excuse not to do it he thinks, gaining motivation to begin.

Today, Joe will configure a Cisco Switch for the very first time. Things are going well until he gets about 75% of the way through and runs into an error. He backtracks but cannot identify the source of the error. The train is only about 5 minutes away from his stop now so he decides to take a mental break and watch the short video on this topic. He finishes the video as the train is entering the station. Hmmm, I still dont know what the problem is he admits to himself as he is walking to the office, a short distance away from train station.

When Joe gets to his desk, he pulls up the Cisco Digital Learning application and jumps back into the lab exactly where he left off, this time from his laptop. For some help, he accesses a Shared Sessionï¿ a feature that allows him to view a recorded session that was successfully resolved by another learner within the CDL community. Within the first 2 minutes, he spots what he had missed! Ahh, the port grouping is dependent on the card type he says out loud to himself.

With that realization, he is able to quickly finish the lab with success. With a sense of relief and accomplishment, Joe launches the ten question quiz. He knows that if he doesnt take the quiz right away, he might forget some of what he learned. On the train home later that day, he will dial up another ten questions on the same topic to test his knowledge on configuring the switch.

Thanks to Cisco for sharing this story about Joe, the mobile knowledge worker. It highlights the most predominant mobile use case; that is to move seamlessly through the learning experience from wherever one is and on any device. It requires that your content be prepped and ready for anything. That’s where Xyleme can help.

On Sept. 22nd at 11AM MDT, the Cisco team joined Brandon Hall Analyst David Wentworth to discuss “how to” create amazing learning experiences! Watch the Recording Now

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