30+ Microlearning Tools

microlearning tools

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning (also called bite-sized learning) is content that is delivered in small, easy to digest elements (usually in 5-10 minutes). Great microlearning focuses on tackling a single, clear topic that shows its application. It may also link out to traditional course-driven content for further details.

Why Do I Need Microlearning?

Microlearning is crucial for ongoing, instant access training and can positively impact safety and health regulation adherence, keeping your front lines on brand, and ensuring your team has easy to access training, instruction, and tools for processes.  Microlearning is a valuable resource as part of a larger content ecosystem.

List of Microlearning Tools

Below is a full list of tools that can be used to create microlearning elements, focusing on the three most popular types—video, images, and slideshows.

What is the Best Way to Deliver Microlearning?

The best procedure for delivering microlearning depends on your learners, your organization’s structure, and your goals. While social media can be a great tool for delivering microlearning, it is best used in classrooms where casual, general education is the focus and making information public isn’t a concern. For large companies with proprietary information who use microlearning for ongoing training, it’s more important that the information is delivered privately and with standards that limit the content so that it is up to date and on brand. These larger organizations should look to professional content delivery platforms with single access points, usually as part of a complete learning content management system (or LCMS). We have some solutions for this, which you can check out here.

Distributing Microlearning

While there are options for casual microlearning delivery through public platforms like social media, large companies with large-scale, on-brand training needs usually turn to a platform that works as a single access point for microlearning. Below is an example of how a microlearning delivery platform can be used to show quick information on maintenance, support, products, and safety:

microlearning tools

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