From webinars and memes, whitepapers to blog posts, we highlighted our most popular content from the year in this 12 days of content wrap up — enjoy!

Your LMS is not Enough - What You Didn't Know is Missing from Your Learning Ecosystem

Without the right learning technology ecosystem, it’s almost impossible to deliver personalized content experiences — the right content in the right time and place — at scale.
Building out the right content tech stack is critical to not only meeting the needs of today’s learners, but also to supporting a content strategy that will stand the test of time.

What's the ROI of Centralized Content Management?

The ROI of centralized content management is significant. When content is centralized, organizations can manage, tag & version content in one place — no more searching multiple LMSs, file shares or individual laptops for the latest content versions.
Watch a recent webinar on Optimizing Content Operations to learn how adopting a future-proof approach to enterprise content management is critical for long-term sustainability and success at scale.

Content Personalization Doesn't Have to be Scary

Do content personalization horror stories keep you up at night? 
Read our spooky blog to gain a closer look at 3 of the most pervasive content personalization horror stories — and how you can escape these terrible (and all too common) fates.

Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs at Ford Motor Company

Want to know the secret to Driving a 75% reduction in translation costs at Ford Motor Company? Check out Ford’s Customer story.

Turn Content into a Competitive Advantage

It is time to revolutionize how we design content. The ability to support rapid change requires us to fundamentally rethink how we design, develop, and deliver learning & support content throughout the enterprise.
We have lost sight of the most important factor in business transformation and agility — the content needed to drive change.
Check out this recent webinar with CLO Magazine on how to get more out your content to drive personalization and put content in the flow of work. We have lost sight of the most important factor in business transformation and agility — the content needed to drive change.

Update All the Content In all the Places Meme

We love using memes on social media and so do our followers!
Don’t miss all of our memes and social content. Follow us on LinkedIn — we’d love to connect with you!

The Secret to Driving Engagement with Personalized Content

The key to using content to drive engagement is making it easy for your employees to access the personalized information, training, reskilling / upskilling content and on-the-job resources they need at the point of need — that is, providing the content they need (and only the content they need), exactly when and where they need it. In other words, providing truly personalized content experiences. ​
Watch this webnar with our own Leslie Farinella as she breaks down the secret to driving engagement with personalized content.

White Paper: Connecting the Dots Across Employee Engagement, Turnover, Recruitement & Replacement

This white paper explores how facilitating personalized, self-service learning drives employee engagement, reduces turnover, supports recruitment, and minimizes replacement costs.
According to Gallup, business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profit compared with business units with unengaged workers. Additionally, teams with thriving workers see significantly lower absenteeism, turnover and accidents; they also see higher customer loyalty.

Product Tour: Stop Rebuilding and Start Reassembling with Xyleme

Senior Solution Architects, Mike Buoy and Adam Jensen have four decades of experience in the world of learning, training, development, and content management. In this product walk-through they demonstrate some of the common content development challenges facing teams today and showcase how the Xyleme platform can help teams manage, create and deliver, content efficiently.

Rogers Communications Reduces Content Development Costs by 53%

“This investment has supported our department’s commitment to reduce operating costs, while also aligning with key elements of our learning strategy focused on building more interactive and engaging experiences for learners across Rogers.” Check out Rogers Communications Customer story.

Right Content, Right Place, Right Time: From Omnichannel to Multiexperience Content Delivery

In order to deliver the right content in the right place, at the right time, organizations need to be able to deliver content anywhere (and in any format) their users want to access it.
Check out this webinar with our own Leslie Farinella as she outlines what organizations must do to drive adoption and expansion, and take personalization a step further by tailoring each experience to fit a user’s role and use case.

Highlighting our Customer 2022 Xcellence Awards

Last month we had our Xyleme Virtual Customer Summit. In this summit we were able to showcase and recognize just a few of our outstanding customers for their excellence!

🎉Our Award Winners include: Charter Spectrum, NiSource, Cisco Secure, Allina Health, TeleTracking, and Rogers!

Congratulations to all of our amazing customers!
This was 12 Days of Content! We hope you have enjoyed our little snippets of content and found something useful or inspiring. We wish you Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you next year!

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